Welcome to Dancehouse,

Dancehouse is the centre for independent dance in Melbourne. Through its programs of residencies, performance, training and research, Dancehouse is a space for developing challenging, invigorating, and socially engaged moving art. Dancehouse is a genuine tool for the dance-maker, a catalyst for developing new audiences and a facilitator of meaningful alliances and mobility schemes, in Australia and internationally.

Let's get physical!

It is not everyday that you laugh your heart out in movement-based and contemporary dance shows.
Visiting Swiss artists Delgado Fuchs are bringing to Dancehouse their ridiculously long titled duet which is the very exception. A subtle combination of witty, self-deprecating sense of humour spiced with just the right amount of erotic touch, their show is a refreshing reflection on the dictatorship of perfect bodies and the narcissistic relationship we sometime have with ourselves.

Catch a sneak peek of the show here...

Sharing the evening, local wonders Debra Batton and Catherine McGill will take you on a wild ride – different every evening since completely improvised – and plunge deeply into the personal, the public, the ever so exposed and the ever so concealed.
Speaking of which, make sure you grab a copy of the new Diary, which looks into the body in the raw and investigates what a naked body can say that a clothed one cannot. Inspired by the recent cases of censorship in Australia, it brings together an exceptional bunch of contributors and some fascinating insights into the nudity debate.

--Angela and Dancehouse team