Welcome to Dancehouse,

Dancehouse is the centre for independent dance in Melbourne. Through its programs of residencies, performance, training and research, Dancehouse is a space for developing challenging, invigorating, and socially engaged moving art. Dancehouse is a genuine tool for the dance-maker, a catalyst for developing new audiences and a facilitator of meaningful alliances and mobility schemes, in Australia and internationally.



The might and the richness


"I love working at Dancehouse. Maybe it is because of the many times I have been privileged with returning. Or because of the way the building holds the might and richness of so many intelligent voices over so many years. (…). It is a dance world treasure".

It is with these words from Deborah Hay that we start our 2014 Annual Report. We do not often have the time here at Dancehouse to indulge in self-congratulatory accolades, we're always busy with the next big thing. However, we could not help taking a brief pause to look back on 2014 and see how much we achieved: 10 curated seasons (39 performances), 27 professional classes and 32 public classes, 8 residencies/space grants, 6 talks, 1 international tour, 3 international workshops and so much more,  a total of over 100 events, which employed over 200 artists and gathered over 9000 people. So, Deborah's words went straight into our hearts. She reminded us that Dancehouse resonates with the presence and intelligence of so many remarkable artists, and we are privileged to be a home to them all.

As we are about to announce our 2015 program, we can only wish you share some of this might and richness with us over the next months.

- Angela Conquet


Dancehouse 2015 Program

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