Welcome to Dancehouse,

Dancehouse is Australia's premier centre for independent dance. We are a site for developing challenging, invigorating and socially engaged moving art. Our role is threefold: to advance independent dance artists, to build dance audiences, and to develop the art form itself. Our programs generate a kaleidoscope of opportunities and sit at a confluence of circulations: of makers, ideas, spaces, contexts, publics, disciplines and territories.


"The 2017 Dancehouse Dance Massive program reminds us that dance is, after all,  about movement. Not only its presence but also its absence. And in this scarceness of movement, there is time to attend even more sharply to every adjustment of weight, shift of the gaze or flow of breath and to feel how vividly we are occupied by animality, cultural identity, machines, rituals, history, space closing in and time passing by. And then, this is where the dance begins to produce itself, to occupy us and to ignite our inner awareness of how we can, individually and together, return to being. Dance can do this. So allow it in, massively."

- Angela Conquet, Dancehouse Artistic Director