From Matthew Day's working notes:

"My interest is to work instinctually with the very matter of dance – that is the physiological and energetic systems of the body and to find out what they can produce in terms of expression, emotionality, empathy, affect.

I desire balance, overlap and synergy between matter and energy, rhythm and stillness, emotional proximity and abstract distance, conceptual choreography and pure movement.

Walk the knife-edge of the materiality of movement and its ephemerality and disappearance. Imagine that dance comes to matter.

How does dancing come to matter? How is it captured? Where does it live? When is it happening? What is it made up of? How does it transform?

I want to investigate the expressive power of movement because I feel trapped in my own body, I mean my body itself feels trapped, limited and weighed down by the weight of normative society, by capitalism and precarious labor, by fucked up international political systems, by everyday banal social injustice, by fear, by memory, by forgetting, by the weight of world history and by the secrets of my family, by the impossibility of communicating, by the saturated surfaces of social media, by technology I do not understand how to use, by my calendar that is always overflowing, by heartbreak and distrust.

I do not want to make a conceptual dance work. I do not want to play with re-framing my work for yet another context: the gallery, the internet or another curators fantasy.

I want to dive into the depths, and scale the expanse the materiality of the body and to uncover where matter becomes energy and energy matter, where emotion becomes physical and dance becomes ritual.

This is about instincts, it's about being uncivilized, it's about animality, ritual, old technologies, it's about feminism, about surrender, and total commitment. It's about love and vulnerability and flesh and bone, it's about expression as a force of the universe. It's about birdsong, and volcanoes erupting thousands of years ago, it's about machines, it's about black holes colliding, and where all of these things come together, along  the depths and surfaces of the human body. It's about the 7 billion, billion, billion, molecules of the human body. It's about vibrations and rhythmic energy. It’s about healing and transformation. It’s about the virtual, and proposing alternative experiences and visions of living together. It’s about trust, surrender and commitment to our instincts and intuitions as bodies moving in the world with each other.  It’s about the desire to fucking dance."


MATTHEW DAY (1979) is interested in the potential of choreography to imagine unorthodox relationships and propose new ways of being human. Utilising a minimalist approach, Day often works with duration and repetition, approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.
Day's work is invested in the proliferate potential of choreography to contribute unique forms of knowledge to cultural discourse and enable affective experiences. He draws heavily from the visual arts, in particular painting and cinema, which challenge traditional notions of image, object and body.
Raised in Sydney, Matthew was a teenage ballroom dancing champion. He went on to study Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Western Sydney and at the Victorian College of the Arts, before collaborating with students at the School for New Dance Development, NL. Day has been artist in residence, and presented his work extensively in Australia and Europe. He is currently based between Melbourne and Amsterdam where he is undertaking a Masters of Choreography.

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Many thanks to our 2016 Housemate assessment panel:
Jerry Remkes, Programmer Performing Arts, Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC
Jeff Khan, Artistic Director, Performance Space, Sydney, NSW
Phillip Adams, choreographer, VIC
Sarah Aiken, choreographer, previous Housemate VIC
Anna Chan, Head of Artistic Develolpment (Dance), West Kowkoon Cultural District Authority, HK
Angela Conquet, Artistic Director, Dancehouse, VIC

Dancehouse is a site for empowering the artist to form the unformed and break the mould. The Dancehouse Housemate program reflects our commitment to support rigorous discourse, research and wide-ranging experimentation in all movement-based forms so as to nurture new choreographic expression in new forms and contexts. The Housemate Residency is a key part of accompanying dance arrtists through the entire creative process from vision to realisation. With time to explore, space to examine possibility and support to be audacious, each Housemate is given the ideal environment to conceive and realise new work. The Housemate program is our commitment to the future of dance in Australia and to those who re-shape and re-invent choreographic thought for bodies in movement.