The Quartet Project


A multi-media event Informed by new scientific research in the field of physiology.

The Quartet Project, by Margie Medlin and collaborators, will be installed at DANCEHOUSE in October.

Informed by new scientific research in the field of physiology, this multi-media event is the culmination of several years' collaborative research. It is an investigation into the kineasthetics of music: determining movements, which produce sounds, which in turn produce new choreographies.

It involves a robot camera, real and virtual dancers controlling and interacting with live choreography. The Quartet Project experiments with our perception and its articulation. It demonstrates communication within and between bodies in real-time by creating relationships between music, the gesture of musical performance, dance, robotics and animation.


You could have the opportunity to interact with the robot camera and assist the investigation of this new way of creating performance.

When:  October 31 at 6.30 pm
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St Carlton North 3054
Costs:   No Charge
Bookings: 9347 2860 or email