2008/09 Space grant recipients

Summer Space Grant Recipients 2008/09

Brooke Stamp

In this period I plan to undertake a highly investigatory approach to my current dance making practice, with an intention to develop a deeper understanding of building work, and more specifically building my work through a language I'm beginning to create on my terms. Having a keen interest in authentic movement practice and improvisation ideologies, I'm aware that what I'm looking for most at this stage in my development as an artist, is the time to further learn how to use these kinds of movement ideologies, and how they combine with other more formal sets of information I have gathered over the years, (regarding designed and defined choreography).

Trudy Radburn
Poupee is a new dance work for three performers, two dancers and one musician. It has received Arts Victoria funding for presentation in March 2009 at Dancehouse. Poupee was relying on funding from both Arts Victoria and Australia Council, however did not receive the Australia Council funding which was intended to cover the final rehearsal costs. It is because of this shortfall in the budget that I am applying for a summer space grant. poupee will also benefit creatively from the opportunity to rehearse at Dancehouse just prior to presentation. All artistic team will be present during this rehearsal period and the proximity to production will enable all involved to enrich the potential of poupee.

Laura Levitus and Natalie Abbott
The proposed project involves a second stage creative development period for the work 'Get Bent'. This project is the culmination of two separate projects initiated and supported by Youth Arts Queensland's 'Spark Mentorship Program'. Natalie Abbott and Laura Levitus are in the process of fostering a new collaboration involving themselves and composer Benjamin McDonald as part of the first stage development for 'Get Bent'. After a performance at Theatreworks, St. Kilda, in November 2008, we seek further support to refine the work for future presentation platforms, which include:
• Entry into the 'Short and Sweet +Dance' festival. Held at the Performance Space Carriageworks Sydney, February 2009.
• SPARK Youth Arts Queensland's Mentorship Program. The live version of ‘Get Bent' will be presented alongside Laura Levitus's film study and Natalie Abbott's solo performance, over three nights at the Wardlow Gallery Fitzroy, March 2009.

Michaela Pegum
Choreographic development of a solo work in progress -‘Limina'.
Limina has been through one stage of development. I have been working progressively on this piece for some time, and have a clear picture of the final form of the work and the involvement of light and sound within it. With this space grant, I would like to spend a concentrated period of time developing the choreographed elements of the work, using material and improvisational scores from the previous development and new improvisational tools I have developed for the work since this time.

Luke Hickmott with Emily Hodge, Madeleine Leahy and Drew Blaubuam.
During my time at Dancehouse I and three other artists will begin our first development of a showing called ‘Square One' to be performed at CAN-B (community arts network-Brunswick), experimenting with the collisions and cohesions of our individual practices in Dance, Visual art and Sound.

Our use of the space grant will be centred on a series of questions we have for each other:
Why/how do you create?
Why do you choose your form?
What challenges you about your form?
Do the ‘definitions' of your form limit your creativity somehow?
What attracts you to the idea of collaboration?
Can I find a fundamental and accessible language to describe my practices to other artists from other forms/institutions/definitions?
Can we collectively create?

As a mode for exploring these questions the four of us will take turns in facilitating workshops, activities and discussions at Dancehouse. Over five ‘jams' we will share movement awareness techniques, choreographic tools, painting and drawing techniques, live electronic music tools, whilst developing friendships and feeling out new artistic partnerships.