One thing after another

Artists working in sculpture and dancers/choreographers with an interest in the possible relationships between dance and sculpture (spatial practice), are invited to join in a study/practice group and participate in an initial weekend of conversation and physical exploration, instigated by Jude Walton at Dancehouse.

This picks up from and continues, the dialogue and discourse between Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris and other visual artists and dancers/choreographers from the 1960's that looked at 'parallels between the sensibility of the new dance and that of minimalist sculpture' (Rainer).

The provisional title for the study practice group is 'one thing after another' taken from a quote by Donald Judd ‘ The order is not rationalistic and underlying, but is simply order, like that of continuity, one thing after another." and will explore materials/objects and dance/bodies in action with each other.

It is hoped this study group may continue to meet in order to develop a program of events consisting of:

  • a performance(s),
  • a series of lectures/talks,
  • open workshops,
  • an exhibition/interventions for 2009

Expressions of interest should be sent to or call 9347 2860

Where: Dancehouse, 150 Princes St Carlton North 3054
When:  Nov 22 & 23, 2008