Housemate VII - Sandra Parker

Sandra Paker, a highly respected and skilled choreographer, will work with a group of movement, projection, light and sound artists including acclaimed video artist Rhian Hinkley. Over the duration of her fourteen week residency, Parker will develop an archive of live performance material, sound and projections; a series of documents that will be interwoven to create a new live performance. Reflecting her interest in capturing the physical traces and after-effects of movement once it has passed, Document will chronicle the evidence of events that are seemingly over and complete, yet somehow remain.

Document will take aspects of my work and push them in new directions through a protracted period of investigation. As a Housemate resident, I seek to apply aspects of my extensive experience as a choreographer to a period of intensive research, development and presentation to take new creative risks and open up new methods and practices."

Responding to the larger question of how the ephemera of movement can ever be made permanent; the process of creating Document will seek to investigate how choreography can be understood as a record of bodily memory.

Sandra Parker is a renowned Australian choreographer and director. She has worked as a freelance artist, teacher, collaborator and artistic director with a number of national and international companies. From 1998-2006, she was the artistic director of the iconic Australian company Dance Works, creating innovative collaborations with artists and arts organisations for festivals and touring in the areas of architecture, sound, film and theatre.

Sandra Parker's work has been presented internationally in France, Portugal, Germany, the US, Japan and China. In 2007, Sandra Parker Dance made its US debut in at the Joyce Soho, New York, presenting the highly successful The View From Here.

Other key international projects include an Asialink residency to Tokyo, Japan, with choreographer Kei Takei, and the creation of Span for Danspace, St Mark's Church, New York. Sandra most recently created a new work Playhouse for Guandong Modern Dance Company, China.

Sandra will also be teaching a part of the Summer Training Intensive 2011 program; for more information Click here.

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