Housemate Residency VIII

Ashley Dyer's project Life Support will investigate the motion of smoke, in all its forms, as its primary point of departure.

Ashley will work in collaboration with Travis Hodgson (lighting and projections), Matthew Kneale (installation design) Sam Pettigrew (sound and objects) and Tony Osborne (dancer/co-deviser). Starting late-August, Ashley's research will examine three fundamental questions;

1) What are some interesting ways an audience might experience and be made aware of the beauty of gases in motion visually, sonically and/or immersively?
2) What actions, movements or physical states might a solo dancer engage in to add to or take away from an audience's experience of smoke?
3) What possible content and overarching ritual for the audience might be suggested by the form of a dancer and smoke?

Ashley Dyer is a performance maker, workshop facilitator and producer. As a performance maker, his work is diverse often mixing dance/movement with everyday and extra-normal singing techniques, text and images. In 2010 he worked abroad as an Australia Council funded artist in residence at Le Triangle Arts Centre Rennes France, with Musiek Theatre Transparant in Belgium, and for a month in January 20112 at the Atelier de Paris with choreographer Rosalind Crisp.

In May 2010 he presented a large scale work And then something fell on my head that featured thousands of objects falling from the ceiling in choreographed patterns as part of Next Wave Festival. In 2009 he sung an improvised solo in front of 9,000 people a night aboard an exploding ship as part of Sydney Fore Shore Authority's, Fire Water in Cambell's Cove Sydney Harbour.

As a workshop facilitator, he has created programs that range from two hours to three weeks with established and emerging artists. As a producer and curator he has managed a diverse range of works including Erskineville's Live Art festival Tiny Stadiums. He is currently employed as an associate producer at Next Wave Festival.

Click here to view Ashley's latest work, And then something fell on my head

Dancehouse received a significant number of outstanding applications for Housemate VIII and we would like to thank our excellent Advisory Panel for bringing their thorough attention to this very competitive process. The Advisory Panel for Housemate VIII were Don Asker (NSW), Phillip Adams (VIC), Dianne Reid (S.A.), Avril Huddy (QLD), Josh Wright (VIC) and Trish Dunn (TAS).

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