Dancehouse Diary ISSUE 3

Less is more.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Dancehouse publishes every three months a new publication called Dancehouse Diary. The Diary uses Dancehouse's program as a starting point for introducing a theme or an artist but the Diary also the site for artists of different art forms and thinkers to share their thoughts about the moving body (and mind). The Diary has one page dedicated to critical/theoretical discourse on dance/choreography and one page hosting current interrogations about arts policy, funding, management etc. Writings are specifically linked to an editorial theme that Dancehouse uses as a provocation for contributions.

Dancehouse Diary is now open to contributions as a response to our editorial focus.

The editorial theme for this issue is LESS IS MORE.

What you should submit:

We are looking for is articles which are innovative, challenging and experimental responses to the editorial theme.

Less is more is a celebration and an advocacy of minimalism, of simplicity and or sparseness, on the stage and in life. We are interested in your vision of the following ideas (but not limited to)

  • What is the most that can be achieved with the least?
  • How can less be more in our current world?
  • Is less enough when there is so much more out there?
  • Is less a sustainable way of living or creating?

Your contributions should be:

  • 1000 word limit (max), with biographic references or annotations included if appropriate (and not part of word count)
  • 100 word biography of contributors
  • A single A4 page CV
  • We also accept visual responses (drawings, photos)

If submitting a visual response, images should be at print quality (300dpi, preferably jpeg or tiff formats), including credits for the image.


You will be informed of the response to your proposal via email by September 15, 2012.

Your contributions will be considered by the board of editors, and in exceptional situations may be subject to changes, which will be sent to the contributor for final review.

Successful contributonrs will NOT be remunerated.

Editorial decisions will be made by the DD editorial board. The Editors for this issue are Angela Conquet, Natalie Cursio, Matthew Day, Olivia Millard, Philipa Rothfield.

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