NAME GIVEN 2: Body Lies        

NAME GIVEN 2: Body Lies will be a cross-cultural collaborative practice experimenting with the idea of exhausting 'knowns' from the dancing body to produce 'unknowns'. We want to develop a dance practice that insists on repetitively exhausting the references of dance choreography semiotics from our bodies. We want to find and make visible the habitual actions of categorization, decoding and reading of movement in order to transgress them; in relation to the old something new can be perceived.

NAME GIVEN 2: Body Lies will initially propose that THE DANCING BODY DOES NOT MOVE FREELY. We want to shape an energetic and revealing dance practice investigating the movement of two dancing bodies as the product of a codified socialization. Every movement made will be noted as a reference, a quotation, an illustration of a learnt behavior, a product of training, technique, attitudes, images, characters, even narratives that fill the body enabling it to move.

It will be the recognition of all movement as reference as an archaeological investigation of two bodies made up of contemporary dance practices, dancing uniqueness and sharedness at the same time.

These references will be repetitively practiced with an obvious transparency acknowledging that movement exists as something non-abstract, therefore contesting the position of the 'authors' of the dance. The repetition of these references will be a simple strategy with the aim to produce something complex. Allowing us the space to notice how we perform and view movement - actions and views, which to a large degree are constructed by contemporary society. The practice of NAME GIVEN 2: Body Lies will eventually operate beyond the limitations inherent to references and categorization of movement, exhausting the 'knowns' of the dancing body, transforming them into 'unknowns', new possibilities for the representation of the dancing body.

Atlanta Eke is an Australian artist with interests in dance and choreography in an expanded field. Her work is embedded in an ongoing analysis of the image of the female body in our society. Through her work, she perverts the meanings we are conditioned to associate with the image of the female body and in doing so rescues the representation of the female body from the hands of capitalism. Atlanta has been active as a performer and creator presenting her experimental work throughout Australia and Europe in a variety of formats. She has worked with artists such as Deborah Hay, Xavier Le Roy, Sally Gardner, Lucy Guerin among others. More recently, Dancehouse and Next Wavefestival presented her latest work, Monster Bodies.


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