Dancehouse is extremely proud to announce our new Research Housemate, Russell Dumas.

Russell's research project stood out with its rigour and its singular investigation of bodily instability through highly controlled lighting terrains. In consultation with designer Simon Lloyd, Russell Dumas is proposing to explore the potential of staging the 'unstable body' through using light compositionally and generatively in an accumulation of highly controlled minimal lighting states. Rather than lighting existing work, the process is about generating new movement material in, for, near, behind or in front of this 'proposition in light'. This research is a continuation of Russel Dumas' ongoing practice and he sees this residence as a catalyst for a new directions in his work with light as integral to generating new material. Russell will start his residency in October when he will be back from his residencies in Finland and New York.

Dancehouse received 13 applications for this round.

Many thanks to our assessment panel:

Atlanta Eke, performer and choreographer (VIC)
Peter Frazer, performer (VIC)
Justine Shih-Pearson, designer, curator and scholar of contemporary performance and dance.(NSW)
Katharina Dilena, dance curator and producer (Austria)
Prue Lang, Melbourne-born, Paris-based choreographer and performer
Maggi Phillips, associate professor WAAPA (WA)

The next call out for Housemate residency will be in late April next year.

Image courtesy of Rachel Roberts