Ooze back into your body and mind with the first week of our training intensive with a delicious combination of classes in improvisation and somatic practices. This includes a little bit of Valentines Day love from us to you in the form of Ros Warby - teaching Feb 14.

Then, in the second week test out your moves and sweat yourself back into action for 2012 with a wicked range of contemporary dance classes including a guest class by New York dancer Raja Kelly.



Classes will suit people with an Intermediate-Advanced level of dance training/experience OR a significantly engaged level of body awareness.


Where: Upstairs Studio
Dates: February 13 - February 24 (Monday to Friday Only)
Time: 10.00 am - 11.30 am
Costs: 10 classes block $140 full $120 conc $100 members; 5 Classes block $75 full $65 conc $55 members; & Casual classes $16 full $14 conc $12 members.
TO BOOK: Call Bridget, 9347 2860 or email


Kim Sargent-Wishart
Body-Mind Centering® Dance Integration: contents and container

Explore the cohesive integrity of your organs and fluid "contents," which supports an easy clarity in the structural "container" of bones, membranes and muscles. This workshop aims to introduce you to the dynamics of the body systems in terms of fluidity and support, flexibility and ground, differentiating boundaries without excess tension. Class will involve guided movement exploration and improvisation with time for reflective writing and discussion. Please bring paper and pen.

Kim Sargent-Wishart is a certified Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, Pilates instructor, and dancer. She is currently engaged in a practice-based PhD at Victoria University. In her research she is investigating philosophies of embryology, emptiness and embodiment from the perspectives of Tibetan Buddhism and BMC, through movement research, writing, and performance-making. She has a BA with honours in Dance from Wesleyan University, and has danced, collaborated and presented her own dance works over the past 25 years in Connecticut, San Francisco, and Melbourne.

Ros Warby
Improvisation / Performance Practice

Through dancing this class encourages the dancer to eliminate attachment to prescribed techniques and invite the body to undo any pre-conceived notions of what dance is; to wake up and notice where they are in their dance, compositionally and perceptually. This shift in attention aims to stimulate the intelligence of the dancer, and, in turn, elevate levels of engagement in both performance and dancing. Beginning with Zen Meridian Exercises and other simple movement directions, Warby draws on the principles of the Alexander Technique and the language and work of Deborah Hay to practice dancing.

Ros Warby is one of Australia's leading dancer/choreographers and has been creating and performing solo dance work since 1990. Her award winning works have been presented in Australia, Europe and the USA at numerous festivals and venues including The 2010 Venice Biennale, London's Dance Umbrella, Royal Opera House, London, Melbourne International Arts Festivals, Adelaide Festival, and DTW, New York. Warby has also performed with numerous companies and artists including Lucy Guerin Inc., the Deborah Hay Company, Russell Dumas and Danceworks. Recognised for her unique performance work in all these contexts Warby has received the Robert Helpmann Award for Best Female Dancer 2007, Greenroom Awards for Best female performer (2000 & 2007) and best Solo performer in 2001, an Australia Council Fellowship (2002 - 2004), and the 2007 Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award. Warby takes up a visiting research position in World Arts and Culture, and Dance Department, University of California, Los Angeles, in April, 2012.

Joey Lehrer
Contact Improvisation / Structural Integration
Practices of standing, falling and dancing

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance form that involves the dynamic interplay of natural forces, such as gravity & momentum, with the communicative ability of touch & contact. Structural Integration (SI) is a bodywork form that explores how we move and exist in the environment of gravity, and its influence upon our bodies and their potential. This class will draw from CI and the principles of SI to investigate how standing, falling and dancing are all part of the same continuum of full, embodied movement. There will be playful explorations, there will be focused improvisations, and there will be touch - grounded in fundamental CI skills. Participants should expect to feel invigorated, yet relaxed, with an increased sense of body awareness and integration.

Joey Lehrer has been dancing as far back as he can remember, and he is now an improvisational artist, movement teacher and somatic practitioner. Joey is a respected teacher, writer and performer of the Contact Improvisation (CI) form: he has taught and performed extensively across Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany and the Unites States; he is one of the organizers of ACIC, the Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence, and co-editor of the Australian CI journal, <proximity> magazine; his writings have been published in <proximity> magazine and Contact Quarterly. In his other body practices, Joey is a Pilates practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist, and Structural Integrator. In his teaching, Joey enjoys creating a sense of playful focus and exploration, where improvisation allows a deepening of concepts and skills.

Peter Fraser
Unhabitual bodies

This workshop introduces strategies for coming to know the body afresh and, potentially, finding transformed body states in performance.

The workshop is based on the aim of becoming less familiar with the body we know or take for granted, and finding out more about our absent and potential bodies. Our 'absent body' is all those aspects, movements or potential movements, perceptions and qualities of the body that we habitually disregard, don't feel or are unaware of.

We will try a few ways of becoming more attentive to feeling, sensing and noticing our absent body. Basically, it is a matter of meeting unfamiliar bodies: perceiving the qualities and movements of other bodies as an insight into our own; having our bodies manipulated into unfamiliar positions and awareness; and, using the imagination to change our 'inside experience' of the body. Participants are asked to stretch/warm-up before the class.

Peter Fraser is a Melbourne performer with an interest in exploring states of physicality, human gesture, bodily empathy with the natural world, and transformation: which he explores mainly using Bodyweather and improvisation. He is a longstanding member of De Quincey Co, Sydney, and has recently been exploring body/sound improvisation with musician and instrument maker Dale Gorfinkel. His solo works, at Dancehouse, include Tarkovsky's Horse, 2008 and Zeno's Overcoat, 2009. He is currently working on an MA, by performance, investigating 'strategies for truthful performance', a duet with Tess De Quincey, which is has been awarded a Dancehouse Summer Space Grant, performing a Deborah Hay choreography and creating a three-way performance with Peter Snow, Monash University, and Frank van de Ven, Bodyweather Amsterdam.

Fiona Bryant and Rossella Buono
"What now, what next, what else?"
Improvisation with Alexander Technique

The class will begin with a guided group warm up and progress into open and scored improvisations. These improvisations will be driven by a series of verbal and physical provocations aimed at expanding consciousness and eliciting a sense of curiosity in ones psychophysical organization. Throughout the class a qualified Alexander Technique teacher will provide one on one guidance.

Fiona Bryant was awarded a Diploma of Dance through the Queensland Dance School of Excellence before moving to Melbourne in 2001 to study her Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. She has since completed both a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters of Choreography at the college, each with first class honours. Fiona has created and performed works for curated and independent seasons at Melbourne's Dancehouse, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne International Design Festival, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Next Wave Festival and Lucy Guerin Inc. She has studied with Australian and internationally renowned artists including Deborah Hay from whom she has commissioned and performed solos, I'll Crane for You (2008) and In the Dark (2010). Fiona is currently completing her teacher training at the School for F.M. Alexander Studies and is undertaking the Solo Residency Program at Victoria University. (

Rossella Buono is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and Member of AUSTAT practicing from the Melbourne School for F.M. Alexander Studies and the Well Being Studios at Abbotsford Convent. She has a wealth of experience in private and group teaching and tailors all lessons to meet her clients' individual needs and interests including the performing arts. (

Adam Wheeler
Contemporary Technique

Adam's class will begin with an extensive warm up, preparing the body for a series of exercises beginning in the floor and making their way to standing and jumping. Adam is particularly interested in methods of working in and out of the floor and accessing movement through the ribs, scapula's and shoulders to generate physical full body movement. Class will finish with a phrase of material encompassing all the skills from the class to an array of high-energy sounds.

Adam Wheeler is a Stompin Alumni and graduated from the VCA in 2004. He spent 5 years performing and touring with Chunky Move around Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada. Adam has a particular interest in the development of youth dance and has seen him make work with Chunky Move, Stompin, Steps, QL2 and fLing. Adam is the Artistic Director of 2ndToe Dance Collective, a collective specializing in supporting emerging artists. Other career highlights are touring work to Thailand and Hong Kong, choreographing and performing in Architecture in Helsinki's That Beep and making work for Tasdance. In 2012 Adam will launch Victoria's new centre for youth dance, Yellow Wheel. Lucy Guerin Inc will be the home of Yellow Wheel, an organization introducing contemporary dance to young people and providing exciting opportunities for Victoria's next generation of dance artists. For more info check out

Raja Kelly
Contemporary Technique

"If you're not dancing, you're not dancing! If you want to dance, come dance with me" - Raja's classes are preparations for performance and an ongoing investigation into dance as a living practice. We'll think and move rigorously making movement and choreography, however dynamic our behaviour. This class uses the principles of improvisation and set exercises to warm and stretch both the body and the mind to uncover a hypersensitive being. This class gives you the opportunity to push yourself from one extreme to another, centering a fulfilled self. Focus is placed on momentum, agility, power, length and the magic of the plie as breath.

Raja Feather Kelly, 2009 DancerWEB Scholar, performer and image-maker. Currently, Kelly lives between NY, NY and Seattle, WA as a company member with David Dorfman Dance, zoe | juniper (SEA), RaceDance, Christopher Williams Dance, and with Malcolm Jason Low/ Formal Structure . He has performed with Kyle Abraham/ in THE RADIO SHOW, which received a New York Dance & Performance Award. Kelly has been a guest artist at the University of Virginia, Pittsburgh University, Dance New Amsterdam, and most recently at Coker College and Memphis U, teaching his own choreography and setting the repertory of David Dorfman Dance. Kelly is a co-producer of a summer dance series in Bushwick, Brooklyn: RoofTop Dance and is company manager for Race Dance and zoe | juniper. With his love for Andy Warhol and Anne Sexton, Kelly creates performance art with thefeath3rtheory. Kelly holds a BA with Magna Cum Laude Honours in Dance and English from Connecticut College.

Rebecca Hilton
Contemporary technique

A simple anatomically based warm up is followed by more complex phrase material, challenging co ordination patterns, exploring habits and tendencies, identifying who we are and what we do in order to take control of our learning experience. There is a particular focus on moving efficiently and easily, fully and clearly.

Rebecca Hilton is a Melbourne based dancer, teacher, choreographer and community artist. She has performed in and contributed to the work of many artists across the globe including Stephen Petronio, Tere O'Connor, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Michael Clark, Mathew Barney, Russell Dumas and Lucy Guerin. Rebecca has taught in schools, at festivals and for companies worldwide and has created performance work in a variety of contexts, from small contemporary dance companies to large-scale community events. Most recently she has curated the annual program for Stompin (Tasmania's youth dance company), facilitated Danza Para Todos for a multi generational cast of 100 Argentines (Mestizas, Rosario), toured to New York, Austria, Russia and Australia with the collaborative performance work Becky, Jodi and John (John Jasperse Company) and begun working on HELLO, a long distance dance collaboration with six young and regional Mexican performers to be presented in the 2012 Mexico Festival (La lagrima, Hermosillo). Becky is the recipient of a 2010/11 Fellowship from the Dance Board of the Australia Council and she is (slowly) generating a book about what we dance, how we dance and why we dance.

Simone Litchfield
Contemporary Technique

Simone's class explores the organic nature of movement and the flow of energy throughout your body. Warm up will focus on creating space and freedom through the spine and the joints, by using physical sequences and exercises to access the deeper muscle groups. Individuals are encouraged to acknowledge and release any tensions in their body by considering 'folding through their joints and ironing out any creases'. Warm up will be followed by movement phrases that investigate playful manipulation of weight transference and encourage your body to employ momentum as it travels through the space. Whilst remaining sensitive to the energy around you, the phrases encompass a strong sense of direction and shifts in dynamic. In these classes the floor can become your ally as you soften into it and enjoy the natural use of suspension.

Simone Litchfield began her dance career with Darc Swan Dance Company (Sydney), working with choreographers including Chris Jannides, Patrick Harding-Irmer, Brett Daffy, Lisa O'Neill and Gary Stewart. On scholarship she completed the post-graduate Performance Course at London Contemporary Dance School. She worked with Coisceim Dance Theatre (Ireland) for 6 years performing throughout the British Isles and at Jacob's Pillow Festival, Massachusetts. In 2002, she was voted 'Female Dancer of the Year' (Ireland), by Dance Europe Magazine. She worked with Russell Maliphant Dance Company (UK) and was a founding member of Rex Levitates Dance Company (Ireland). She has presented several of her own short works at choreographic platforms and in 2009, created 'Hoops with Strings' for Moving Works @ Theatre Works. In Melbourne, she has worked with Russell Dumas, Luke Hockley, Ru Atma and Strange Fruit. Simone has recently completed second year Solo Residency for Mid-Career Performance Artists at VU.

Luke George
Everything All The Time

This class is about developing tools and tactics for dancing and performance. This may or may not involve: doing movements; imagining doing movements; improvisation; rolling on the floor; touching each other; talking, moaning and screaming; seeing; and being seen. We will access and build our sense of awareness, presence, decision making, quality and imagination.

Luke George began dancing with Stompin (Tasmania) and is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. His practice as performer, choreographer, collaborator, teacher and curator has taken him throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Luke has predominantly performed with Phillip Adams BalletLab, Jo Lloyd and Gideon Obarzanek/Chunky Move, as well as with artists Miguel Gutierrez (NYC), Stephanie Lake, Frances d'Ath, Shelley Lasica, Jerril Rechter, ITOH Kim (Tokyo) and Deborah Hay (solo performance project). As a choreographer Luke's work has been presented by Arts House, Dancehouse, PICA, Dance Massive, Next Wave festival, Melbourne Fringe, 10 Days on the Island and he has performed his work in New York and Tokyo. Choreographic highlights include NOWNOWNOW, LIFESIZE and Home all of which have received Australian Dance and Green Room award nominations. Luke was Artistic Director of Tasmanian youth dance company Stompin 2002-2008, during which he directed and choreographed new works with hundreds of young performers. Luke is currently resident performance maker for a club night called JOHN and with Brooke Stamp co-facilitates First Run hosted by Lucy Guerin Inc.