Movement, Construction & Composition

The highly acclaimed Sacha Waltz rehearsal director and Berlin-based LaborGras collective director Renate Graziadei will give a 5-day morning workshop based on both improvisation and precise composition with a view to build a series of scores and structures to be used in dance making.

'The day will begin with a technique class. In the first part of the class, concentrated tension and release exercises will lengthen muscles and reduce tension. In the second part we work on the efficient alignment of the skeleton.

We will work on clarity from a personal understanding of geometry and the body's relationship to it, on momentum, alignment, weight, flow, breathing, relationship to gravity, the space and each other. We will seek to practice and physicalise some of the concepts related to moving with efficiency, without limiting possibilities but widening the range, leaving us open to approach movement material from this understanding.

The emphasis of the workshop is to work on improvisation and composition to build a series of scores and structures to serve as the container for a dance or performance event. Equally as important as the making will be showing and talking about what we make. We will explore specific situations, problems and themes to develop a personal movement vocabulary utilising improvisational scores, movement manipulation techniques and internal and external resources. We will create material and formulate structures that can be applied to both the individual creative development and to the collaborative shared experience."

Renate Graziadei was born in Austria, began her dance training in Switzerland. After three years in New York, she worked in Europe, with Rui Horta at the S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt and the dance group COAX in Hamburg. In 1994 ,she established the LaborGras collective with Arthur Stäldi. Since then she has created 15 projects with Arthur Stäldi and was involved in countless productions with other artists. In 1997 and 1998 she received a grant from the danceWEB. In 1997, she was profiled in the critic's survey of the magazine ballet international / tanz aktuell as 'upcoming female dancer'.
Since 2005, she has been teaching contemporary technique regularly in various institutions internationally: as the training director for Sasha Waltz and Guests, the Folkwang Hochschule, PARTS Brussels, the Opera national de Paris and offering workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Columbia and Croatia, amongst others. Since summer 2004 she has been extensively working as the co-rehearsal director for Sasha Waltz & Guests and dancing in some projects with the company since 2008. With Arthur Stäldi (CH) she is the cofounder of the LaborGras collective, currently based in Berlin. Their work is anchored in contemporary dance, with a focus on collaboration with artists of different genres, movement research and interdisciplinary experimentation.

When: 15 - 19 October
Time: 10.00 - 1.00pm
Costs: (5 days) Full $260.00 / Con $220.00 / DH member and Deakin - VCA students $180.00
(1 day) Full $45.00 / Con $35.00 / DH member and Deakin - VCA students $30.00
Bookings: or 03 9347 2860

please note: if possible, it is preferred that participants do the full 5 days of the workshop in order to allow maximum benefit and progress.


In partnership with Critical Path

Image: Felix Broede