Warm up at Dancehouse!

Join Cindy Van Acker and dancer Tamara Bacci for warm-up over four mornings at Dancehouse. 

Tamara and Cindy will co-lead the classes which prepare the body for rehearsal and performance through a series of yoga-based exercises tailored for dancers, focusing on clarity of alignment and clear use of weight.

The classes are based on the principles of the "energy yoga", and various classical yoga postures. Through exercices coordinating movement and breath, participants will develop sequences of movements which allow  to work body alignment and toning through release, strengthening the center and the deep muscles.

Coming from the ballet, Cindy Van Acker initially danced in Belgium in the Royal ballet of Flanders. She joined later the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Genève, the city that since then became her new place of living. Early interested by the experiments that contemporary dance offers , she became the famous interpreter of choreographers such as Philippe Saire, Laura Tanner, Noemi Lapzeson, Estelle Héritier and Myriam Gourfink. Cindy has created her own pieces since 1994 but truly started an international career with Corps 00:00, created in 2002 at Theatre de l'ADC in Geneva. Since then, her work has been presented in famous festivals such as the Festival d'Avignon and the Festival TransAmeriques.

Tamara Bacci studied classical and contemporary dance at the Dance School of Geneva and danced for the Geneva Ballet Junior, Deustche Oper Berlin and Béjart Ballet Lausanne. In 1998, she decided to study yoga and Ayurveda techniques. In 2003, Tamara came back into dance projects and started collaborations with Foofwa d'Imobilité, Gilles Jobin, Thomas Lebrun, Ken Ossola et Cindy Van Acker, whose works she has been performing for the past 7 years. In 2007, she produced 171/174 with Ken Ossola. Her most recent projects are Pascal Ramert's solo for her Knockin' on heaven's doors and an upcoming collaborative work with Perrine Valli and Mathe Krummenacher. Tamara regularly teaches at the Geneva Junior Ballet and continues to further her yoga training.


When: 23 - 26 October
Time: 11.00 - 12.30pm
Costs: Full $16.00/ Conc $14.00 DH member and Deakin - VCA students $12.00
Bookings: or 03 9347 2860

Cindy and Tamara will also be leading a Choreographic workshop at Dancehouse from 27 - 28 October. Click here for more information.