For the first time, Dancehouse is organising a TERTIARY DANCE WEEK. Bringing together postgraduate students from five universities - Deakin University, Victoria University, Victoria College of the Arts, University of Sydney and WAAPA/Link Dance Co. - this program is a site for sharing and discussion around the research explored in these tertiary institutions. Comprising of morning classes, workshops, practice sharing sessions, paper presentations and a rich program of performances, TERTIARY DANCE WEEK is the perfect opportunity to meet students as well as teachers and practicitioners and explore their rich spectrum of investigations, both theoretical and practice-based.

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9 - 10 NOV     

Steph Hutchison
9 Nov - 8pm
10 Nov - 5pm

A hybrid performance by Steph Hutchison, interweaving dance, circus arts, improvisation, sports and theatre.

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15 - 16 NOV   

Elanor Webber

A cine-dance work exploring direction; movement; improvisation; how "it" feels; emergent processes and the interplay between choreography and cinema. This 8 minute short film will screen continuously in the Dancehouse foyer.

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Fleur Conlon, Jess Budd, Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden

This solo program will bring together four recently created short works by Fleur Conlon, Jess Budd, Alice Dixon and Caroline Meaden. The four solos will interchange in time and space, intertwining physicalities and materials in an open ended improvisation structure orchestrated by Helen Herbertson.

LINK Dance Co.

WAAPA's postgraduate dance company, LINK, three new contemporary dance works, We Are Made of Stardust by Rachel Ogle, Zodiac Dialogues by Alessio Silvestrin and The Opposite is True by Kynan Hughes.

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16 - 17 NOV   

Dianne Reid

A real-time dance and video event created and performed by Dianne Reid. This boutique performance experience brings the audience into forensic range of the dancing body.

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17 NOV          

Tomas Arroquero, Darren Vizer, Amanda Lever

Tomas Arroquero - SidelineSideline grapples with the human themes of identity, our need for placement and how we adjust to the irreversible effects of change. Juxtaposing traditional flamenco aesthetics with mainstream popular culture, Sideline challenges the perception of gender code and conventional forms of behaviour.

Darren Vizer - Project B - How can a live work fuse Acting and Dancing, can every move have meaning and purpose? Can the connected body, mind and emotions become the spectacular? From pedestrian, gestural, humanistic, abstraction, characterisation and animal form. Performers: Joel Fenton, Jean Goodwin, Alya Manzart,  Annabel Marshall-Roth, Elanor Webber.

Amanda Lever - Dasein - Artist, Musician, Dancer, explore a sensory dialogue involving the isolated and unified entity of the psyche (mind), soma (body) and thymos ( emotion). Dasein is a collaborative exploration of the nature of being; as an individual and in relationship to the world and others.


– Daily 9.30am-11am

11 NOV
- Russell Dumas

12 NOV - Becky Hilton: Exploring processes of integration, repetition and interpretation. 

13 NOV - Michael Whaites: A one hour warm up/contemporary technique dance class. This class will concentrate on alignment,weight transfer and getting the body ready for the day.

14 NOV - Olivia Millard: This class explores how a vertically balanced body enables weight transfer, falling, catching and directing of momentum through a bodily understanding of being subject to gravity.

15 NOV - Linda Sastridipradja: Classical Technique for Contemporary Movers.

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– Daily 11am-1pm

11 NOV - Steph Hutchison
: Steph will open up the practice behind WORK. Imagining dance as extreme sport she is interested in endurance and challenging what might be physically possible for a hybrid body in performance. Part bootcamp, part phrase material and improvised practice. 

12 NOV - Helen Herbertson: Physical explorations into and out of warm up, dancing, improvisation and discussion focusing on the dynamic relationship between action, attention and intention.

13 NOV - Christine Babinskas: Perception of and from the body: an exploration of individual responses to particular perceptual tasks in order to create original movement material.  Introduction and application of relevant compositional processes, individually and in groups, followed by discussion and feedback

14 NOV - Michael Whaites: Slipping,collapsing, falling, catching and rebuilding- Stop motion relationships. Michael will lead a 3 hour workshop working with the voice and improvisation developing scores for groups to perform at the end of the session.

15 NOV - Kim Sargent –Wishart: 
Kim will share the developmental process leading to the creation of CAST, a live (unannounced) performance and film, within a practice-based PhD. The dancers, Fiona Cameron and Jason Marchant, will demonstrate sections of the piece, and Kim will lead participants through a movement investigation based in Body-Mind Centering®, with time for discussion.

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– Daily 2pm-4pm

12 NOV - Jason Marchant:
What does it mean for a dancer to be a dancer? Jason's research aims to identify and analyse how dancers work to disclose different states of doing through action.

13 NOV - Dianne Reid: Dianne's workshop draws on visual, tactile and text-based scores to develop improvisational scores and choreographic materials. Participants will also experiment with the notion of 'active witnessing'—of moving through the action as audience/viewer, in duet with the dancer. In this way participants are introduced to the notion of the duet of dance video: the relationship of the moving camera and the moving body, looking at the interaction between cinematographer and dancer and how this creates new choreography in a screen context.

14 NOV - Shaun McLeod: A shared practice session aimed at addressing Shaun's investigations and research into the role of the witness, by implicating an 'audience' in a more participatory engagement with simple, improvised, durational walking scores (Dancehouse surrounds) prior to watching others improvise in a studio setting. An experiment in what it means to watch dancing after having actively 'tuned in' to the processes of improvisation.

15 NOV - Michelle Ferris: A discussion around Michelles current Masters research "Dancing the Threshold: Liminal Space and Subjectivity." Followed by some floor time to allow participants to experience the practice.

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- 2.00-4.30pm

16 NOV - Students currently undertaking research are invited to give a short presentation of their investigation and engage in dialogue with the other peers. Facilitated by Dr. Philipa Rothfield (Latrobe University).


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