Tertiary Dance Weekend: Classes & Workshops

In 2014, Dancehouse is offering up a weekend of training opportunities as part of Tertiary Dance Weekend.

Register now for a spot in the following classes or workshops:


10am: Michael Whaites
11.30am: Helen Herbertson
2pm: Jo Lloyd


10am: Lee Serle
11.30am: Dianne Reid
2pm: Becky Hilton





10am - 11.30am: MICHAEL WHAITES
Michael Whaites will give an improv practice class based on sensory awareness, listening and reacting to each other and the space.  Working solo, in duo's and in small groups you will have the opportunity to improvise with a variety of different approaches. Please bring a blindfold.

11.30am - 1pm: HELEN HERBERTSON
Moving, making, doing, seeing. Physical explorations into and out of warm up, dancing, improvisation and discussion focusing on the dynamic relationship between action, attention and intention.


10am - 11.30am: LEE SERLE
This class will identify and implement the efficiency of the body's inbuilt mechanics in executing complex phrase material, taking advantage of gravity to find weight and momentum in movement pathways. You will bring your attention to the alignment of the body, connecting the lines of movement through the body from the floor up to standing, and finding articulation and freedom in the joints in the process. This information is then integrated into various dance phrases concentrating on dynamic variation, specificity of movement, suspension into falling, and sequencing through the body.


11.30am - 1pm: DIANNE REID
This contemporary dance class builds steadily from a thorough warm-up drawing on image-based, release and floor work to several original rhythmic movement sequences. There is an emphasis on cross-rhythmic patterning and musicality in the material as well as a reflection of Dianne's background in Martha Graham-derived techniques and her ongoing yoga practice. Dianne draws from an eclectic range of music that can challenge and stimulate renewed attention to personal performance presence and new stylistic interpretations.

Cost: Members $10 | Non-members $15
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2pm - 4pm: JO LLOYD

Jo's energetic class involves a thorough warm up, connecting the imagination with the physical, progressing from simple warming exercises to a more detailed phrase. Her progressive warm up includes improvised physical explorations, technical exercises and Yoga influenced practices in order for the body to be completely prepared for the final vigorous phrase.

Jo incorporates her current choreographic interests, encouraging moving with efficiency and varied energy levels to access individual movement potential and tendencies. Jo has taught extensively in Australia and overseas; Akram Khan Company, Jacobs Pillow, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Bangarra, ADT, and regularly at Chunky Move, VCA and Lucy Geurin Inc.


2pm - 4pm: BECKY HILTON

This workshop will use a series of instructions (drawn from my dancing history) to construct, situate and present (to one and other) a solo choreography. We will have our very own, very private, very brief dance festival.

Becky Hilton is a Melbourne based dancer, choreographer and chronicler. In a career spanning thirty years she has contributed to the work of a range of artists including Russell Dumas, Stephen Petronio, Mathew Barney, Michael Clark, Tere O'Connor, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Lucy Guerin, Chrysa Parkinson, Xavier Leroy and Tino Sehgal.

Becky works with dance and choreography in many contexts including universities, arts institutions, dance companies and community organisations, locally, nationally and internationally. As the recipient of a Fellowship from the Dance Board of the Australia Council, she is writing a book on dance and it's transmission, looking at the way a dance moves through us.

Cost: Members $15 | Non-members $20
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