Biodanza, Dance of Life.

"Have you ever danced until you flew? Danced so hard, so fast, so freely that you reach a level of overwhelming, ecstatic joy? If you haven't you should - it can change your life." Mike Aldridge, Ecstasy through Dance, Namaste, Vol 9, January/February 2001.

Biodanza is an invitation to reveal our joyful nature by living in the "here & now" intensely.

Based on authentic movement, pleasurable feelings and diverse world music tracks, Biodanza enhances the healthy aspects of everyone.

Through specific movements, dances and encounters, it stimulates, nurtures, and increases all of our natural resources. Distracting thoughts calm down and are replaced by a sensitive and powerful presence in this very moment. Biodanza allows participants to extend this quality of being into their daily life; uniting feeling, thinking, and acting coherently.

By expressing ourselves freely in a safe, friendly environment, and minimising fear of judgement; our self-connection, self-esteem and feeling of ease grow.

Biodanza participants know each other through their essence instead of appearance or character and explore life with an authentic and renewed simplicity that promotes and enhances their emotional health, developing a richer enjoyment of their lives.

How Biodanza can support students of dance (from all levels of ability)

• By developing inner sensitivity and expression
• By bringing awareness to the perception of ourselves and partners when dancing together
• By increasing the ability to be present, spontaneous, affectionate, and supportive.

About the Facilitator

Catherine is a facilitator of Voice Dialogue and Spiritual Healing. She discovered Biodanza, in 2000, created by Rolando Toro. Catherine was captivated by how dancing, reaching an inner peaceful space and interacting with others combine to integrate the whole being in a delicious intense feeling of being fully alive through Biodanza. Accredited by the International Biodanza Foundation, she has facilitated classes and workshops around Europe. Now, living in Australia, she offers weekly classes in the Cairns area and workshops across the country.

The workshop is open to all levels of experience.
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St North Carlton
When: Saturday 22 May & Sunday 23 May 2010
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: $170 full / $150 students & Ausdance members
Bookings: Email Charlotte or call 0432550460
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