The Shelly Love Lab


A 3-DAY DANCE FOR SCREEN LABORATORY facilitated by internationally acclaimed artist, and ReelDance festival guest, Shelly Love, as part of the 6th ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival in May 2010.

The SHELLY LOVE LAB will be an environment for the testing of ideas, embracing spontaneity, experimentation and play. The objective of the Lab is to explore the idea of SPACE in relationship to each artist!s practice - from the physical, architectural, geographical or emotional. Working together in groups of 3, Shelly Love will guide collaborative activity and facilitate creative dialogue.

Forgotten Circus

The Forgotten Circus, Shelly Love

Shelly Love is an award winning artist and film director who originally trained as a dancer and worked as a choreographer and physical theatre performer before turning to filmmaking. Her work is fantastical, otherworldly dark and beautiful with an undeniable choreographic edge. Her most recent film The Forgotten Circus has been described as 'Extraordinary' in The Guardian newspaper review and is featured in the 'Best of 2009' selection in Rough Trade Records.


SYDNEY: 11-13 May 2010 @ CarriageWorks
MELBOURNE: 25-27 May 2010 @ DanceHouse


Simply email Emma ( an approx. 500 wd statement responding to the following question:

  • How do you define the use of space in relationship to your work? e.g. Is it all about the physical, imaginative, emotional or something else altogether?
  • Your statement should include the following: • Outline an idea or a question, related to SPACE that you are interested in teasing out in the lab. • How do you hope this opportunity will benefit you as an artmaker? • What equipment will you bring to the Lab to support your exploration? camera, stills camera, laptop, editing software, a dancing body etc.


ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival

After a hugely successful launch in Sydney and tour to Perth, the 6th ReelDance International Dance on Screen Festival finally hits Melbourne!

In association with Dancehouse and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), ReelDance presents 4 amazing programs of dance on film from around the world during 28-30 May 2010.

The jamm-packed, 3 day Melbourne Festival will include a feast of works, such as the must see Paris is Burning (as part of the Deep in Vogue program). Paris is Burning is A poignant documentary revealing the community of New York's minority drag queens, gay black and Latino men who cross dress as women and invent the dance style of 'vogueing', imitating the fashion poses on the covers of the magazine Vogue. Both an embracing and a refutation of the world of high fashion, the balls become the social focus of this underclass, underground society of outcasts defiantly refusing to be ignored by a world that scorns them.

Also, this Saturday as part of the Melbourne tour of the ReelDance festival, ReelDance presents a retrospective on award-winning UK artist Shelly Love's work The Imaginings of Shelly Love. Shelly Love is ReelDance's festival guest and is celebrated worldwide for her subtle and uniquely choreographic dance screen works that are like dropping into a visually poetic feast. Shelly Love will be in attendance in Melbourne for the festival and is currently holding dance on screen workshops at Dancehouse for Melbourne artists in association with Dancehouse.

For a calender of ReelDance Melbourne screenings and information on how to purchase tickets, please check our website.

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