Alchemy One Day Workshop

This ONE DAY WORKSHOP is for dancers and movers seeking to explore the freedom and beauty of the present moment.

With a focus on DANCE IMPROVISATION, we will develop TRUST in our inner world, embracing the unique qualities that make us who we are and allowing them to activate and inspire the dance. We will explore our sensations, feelings, memories and imagination, with our awareness expanding to hold the entire self. Together, we will explore improvisation as conversation - as a dynamic, constantly evolving dialogue with ourselves, each other and our environment.

Using dance, drawing, writing and sharing, this workshop is designed for those wishing to honour the unique qualities of their moving body, embrace authenticity and expand understanding of the creative process. Alchemy engages the heart and enriches the spirit in a joyful celebration of the moving moment.

The workshop will culminate in an informal sharing of improvised performance.
Beginners and experienced movers warmly welcomed.

Anne O'Keeffe - Biography

Anne O'Keeffe is a Melbourne-based performer, choreographer and teacher with a Bachelor of Education in Dance and Drama (Deakin University, 1983), a Graduate Diploma of Choreography (Victorian College of the Arts, 1997) and a Master of Choreography (VCA, 2009). She has worked as a freelance artist for 25 years, performing, choreographing and directing work for Victorian Arts Centre, Australian Choreographic Centre, Dancehouse and numerous theatre groups and community events. In 1998 Anne founded Sirensong Dance and Theatre. As Artistic Director, Anne choreographed and performed in Walk on Water (99/00), a dance theatre piece performed at the Melbourne City Baths. Sex and Death, her full-length solo, incorporated movement, text and singing and was performed at Chapel Off Chapel in 2002/03. Song of Longing, also integrating live singing with movement, was performed at Victorian College of the Arts in 2008.

Anne has taught and practised improvisation since 1984, training with Al Wunder (12 years), Joan Skinner (Skinner Releasing Technique, U.S.A, (98/03), Stephanie Skura, Eva Karzag and Min Tanaka, among others. Anne has taught improvisation at the Victorian Arts Centre, Australian Ballet School, National Theatre Drama School, National Theatre Ballet School and Ballarat University and is currently teaching first and second year Dance students at Victorian College of the Arts. Anne has performed as an improviser at Movement Research, (Judson Church, New York, 1998) Rushing for the Sloth (Sydney, 2000), Cracking it Open (Melbourne, 2002) Precipice (Australian Choreographic Centre, 2002-03), Conundrum (Melbourne, 2000-06), the Little Con (Melbourne, 2008-10) and Concoction (2010). She has also curated and performed in the Women's Night (Melbourne, 1998-02) and Out of the Ordinary (Melbourne, 2004).

Anne's passion for improvisation led her to initiate the movement-based ALCHEMY classes in 2001. Held at Dancehouse and Cecil Street Studio in Melbourne, the Alchemy classes lead participants through a process of discovering, exploring and expanding movement vocabulary while making deep connections with inner life. Influenced and inspired by Skinner Releasing Technique, Buddhism and Yoga, Alchemy aims to explore the interface between improvisation and spiritual practise through the embodiment and awareness of the present moment. In 2009, Anne completed her Master of Choreography at Victorian College of the Arts - further exploring these inspirations and connections.

Dates: Sun May 9th, 2010
Times: 10am - 5pm
Place: DANCEHOUSE (Downstairs) 150 Princes Street, NORTH CARLTON
Cost: Full $90 /conc $75

Anne O'Keeffe, 2/123 Ruskin Street, Elwood, Victoria, 3184.
Direct Payment: Commonwealth Bank: BSB 063201 ACC 1003 2057

Ring Anne on 0411 218 101