Altering States & Shifting Structures

This workshop will explore the ideas of altering states and shifting structures.

I wish to work with ideas which have emerged during the first three months of my residency at Dancehouse, and give them a re-treatment through their exposure to other dancers.

Deanne Butterworth

The basis for this workshop comes from a sensorial place: how we are able to hear, see, watch and listen and how modes and habits for using these senses have an affect on our environment and movement.

There will be two extremes explored, going deeper into the habit that we identify and finding something that we define as non-habitual.

We will work with the aim of not producing. We will watch and learn from others and attempt to define the 'look' of something whilst working within an experiential context.

Besides yourself, bring something to the workshop that you like, and an ipod if possible.

Deanne Butterworth Dancehouse Housemate V

Deanne has been working in contemporary dance over a fifteen-year period performing in Australia and abroad. She has performed with Shelley Lasica since 1996, Danceworks, BalletLab, Jo Lloyd and in the work of visual artist David Rosetzky.

May 31 - June 2

Times: 11.00 am - 2.00 pm

Costs: No Charge but applicants must be a Dancehouse Member (or become one)

Contact: Carlee Mellow

To apply download Expression of Interest

Deadline: Applications must be received by Monday May 17, 2010.  You will be notified on May 19.