Still Standing You

There are countless ways of existing with each other if we assume our body does not end with our skin.

How can we look to another as a continuation of ourselves?
How can we reassign or leave behind our identity and still be there?
How can we define a re-organization of the body that includes the other?
Can we make our negotiation of the body more visible than its representation and at the same time produce interesting movement material?
How can we generate movement through thought rather than through habit?
Or how can we inhabit a thought without relying on our physical tendencies?

Through classes and workshop, Jared Gradigner and Angela Schubot, will mainly focus on partner and group work concretizing these questions, watching each other and feeding back.

They are providing classes, which are open to everyone, as well as a two-day intensive workshop for dancers with a minimum of three years experience.

Gradinger Schubot

Jared Gradinger is a performer, creator and curator based in Berlin since 2002. He is a founding member of the internationally renowned company Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, with whom he created over 8 major works. In 2008 he began his collaboration with Les Grandes Traversees in Bordeaux, France where he curated 3 festivals of contemporary art entitled 'How Do You Are'. Since 2005 he has been working with Pictoplasma (contemporary character design) with whom he has created the piece 'Get into Character' in the Haus Der Berliner Festspiele 2006, and 'What they are instead of' with Angela Schubot in Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2009.

His new project, made in collaboration with Angela Schubot and street artist Mark Jenkins will premiere in June 2011 in Hau 1 Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin.

Jared has also worked with such artists as Jeremy Wade, William Forsythe, Meg Stuart, Grayson Millwood, Hanayo, Peaches and others. His video work has been screened worldwide.

Angela Schubot studied contemporary dance in Berlin and is co-founder of Two Fish with Martin Clausen (since 2000). This group has produced more then 12 dance/theatre pieces, which where and are presented across Germany and abroad.

Two Fish searches for the on-stage performer's individual quality; which looks at people and their manner of reacting their mutual attempts at representation from the inside and thus gives audience members the opportunity of identification.

Angela Schubot beside works and has worked with a.o.Rosalind Crisp, Theatercombinat Wien , Dorky Park/Constanza Macras , Benoit Lachambre, Jared Gradinger, Pictoplasma among others.

In March 2011 the new Two Fish work, a duet with martin clausen „ Halt mir meinen platz frei, bis ich anders wieder da bin" will premier in HAU 2,

In June 2011, she will premiere her new collaboration IS MAYBE, with Jared Gradinger and internationally renowned Mark Jenkins in HAU 1 Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

Besides her most continuous collaboration partners Martin Clausen and Jared Gradinger she is deeply influenced by the artists Rosalind Crisp and Beniot Lachambre.

Still Standing You Classes
December 13 & 14
Time: 10 - 11.30am
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St Carlton North.
Cost: Full $16 / Concession $14 / Members $12
Bookings:, or call 9347 2860

Still Standing You Workshops
December 13 & 14
Time: 12 - 3.30pm
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St Carlton North.
Cost: Full $60 / Members $50
Bookings:, or call 9347 2860
(maximum, 15 people)

Also during their time at Dancehouse, they will be performing their acclaimed work, "What They Are Instead Of" on 15 & 16 December and will highlight what the focus of the classes and workshops were. Click here for more information.