Winter Training Intensive 2011

Dancehouse brings you the gift of 5 SUPER-WOMEN of dance.

They are here to teach during our Winter Intensive. A great range of classes & workshops from an amazing group of artists. Take your pick or get serious and do them all!

The Winter Training Intensive for 2011 will take place from Monday to Friday, for 2 weeks beginning June 20. With...

REBECCA HILTON (local dance guru)
JO LLOYD (serious move buster)
SANDRA PARKER (our much loved Housemate in residence)
NADIA CUSIMANO (ex Sasha Waltz, recently arrived in Australia)
SARAH JAYNE HOWARD (super-woman. enough said)

And to increase the intensity we've added a choreographic workshop with Sandra Parker and a remedial technique workshop with Nadia Cusimano.

Where: Upstairs Studio
Dates: June 20 - July 1 (Monday to Friday Only)
Time: 10.00 am - 11.30 am


Morning classes: 10 classes block $140 full $120 conc $100 members
5 Classes block $75 full $65 conc $55 members
& Casual classes $16 full $14 conc $12 members.

Workshops: $30 full $25 conc $20 members

TO BOOK: Call Bridget, 9347 2860 or email

Contemporary technique

A simple anatomically based warm up is followed by more complex phrase material, challenging co ordination patterns, exploring habits and tendencies, identifying who we are and what we do in order to take control of our learning experience. There is a particular focus on moving efficiently and easily, fully and clearly.

REBECCA HILTON Rebecca is a Melbourne based dancer, teacher, choreographer and community artist. She has performed in and contributed to the work of many artists across the globe including Stephen Petronio, Tere O'Connor, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Michael Clark, Mathew Barney, Russell Dumas and Lucy Guerin. Rebecca has taught in schools, at festivals and for companies worldwide and has created performance work in a variety of contexts, from small contemporary dance companies to large-scale community events. Most recently she has curated the annual program for Stompin (Tasmania's youth dance company), facilitated Danza Para Todos for a multi generational cast of 100 Argentines (Mestizas, Rosario), toured to New York, Austria, Russia and Australia with the collaborative performance work Becky, Jodi and John (John Jasperse Company) and begun working on HELLO, a long distance dance collaboration with six young and regional Mexican performers to be presented in the 2012 Mexico Festival (La lagrima, Hermosillo). Becky is the recipient of a 2010/11 Fellowship from the Dance Board of the Australia Council and she is (slowly) generating a book about what we dance, how we dance and why we dance.


Contemporary technique

This class will give you the opportunity to focus on preparing your body for moving. It will include a progressive warm up involving simple warming exercises, followed by a detailed choreographed phrase. If you are keen to explore your own movement tendencies while working with a set sequence, come along for a dance!

JO LLOYD recently presented Project Blah Blah in Hong Kong, which she co-choreographed and performed with Deanne Butterworth. Jo has been performing, choreographing and teaching throughout Australia and overseas since graduating from the VCA. Jo has performed in the works of Shelley Lasica, Chunky Move, Sandra Parker, Prue Lang, David Rosetzky, Natalie Cursio and Frances d'Ath. Jo is currently creating a new work FUTURE PERFECT.


Contemporary technique

Sarah-Jayne teaches a highly physical high-energy contemporary dance class which includes floor work, core strength and explosive movement. The focus lies with how movement is articulated through the whole body using momentum, timing and control. We will explore movement which extends from the back and center of the body with the primary focus on precision and dynamic, swiftness and speed going in and out of the floor. Sarah-Jayne aims to teach the basic principles which arm the body for the demands of current contemporary choreographers.... so we will bust some moves!

Since graduating with Honours from the New Zealand School of Dance in 1995 SARAH-JAYNE HOWARD has created and performed roles with leading choreographers and companies in both Australia and New Zealand, touring extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and the US, including Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre, Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move), Garry Stewart (ADT), Kate Champion (Force Majeure), Gavin Webber (Dancenorth), Douglas Wright, Michael Parmenter, Sean Curham and Raewyn Hill. While working at ADT Sarah-Jayne created two solos Tonight and Veronique. In 2004 she choreographed for Company B's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Benedict Andrews and in 2009 created Stitch a new work for the graduating students of QUT. Sarah-Jayne is a member of Splintergroup, who created roadkill a collaboration between Gavin Webber, Grayson Millwood and Sarah-Jayne.

In 2002 Sarah-Jayne was one of three finalists chosen worldwide for the inaugural Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. She was the recipient of the 2007 Laureate Award, New Zealand's most prestigious arts award and was awarded the 2008 Greenroom award for best female dancer for her performance in Meryl Tankard's Inuk with Sydney Dance Company. Sarah-Jayne has taught workshops and classes for universities and companies throughout Australia and New Zealand including Bangara Dance Theater, Sydney Dance Company, ADT, Chunky Move and Douglas Wright Dance.


Contemporary technique

For dancers interested in deepening their awareness and engagement with their physicality, this class will begin by practicing attention to the inner-felt body, specifically focusing on the bodies 'surface' and 'depth'. Structures for improvisation will be offered to practice moving with heightened awareness, expanding our resources for physical emphasis, intention and dynamic expression in performance.

SANDRA PARKER is a Melbourne based choreographer/director/teacher who makes and produces multi-art form works. In 2007, Sandra Parker established SANDRA PARKER DANCE to continue the development, presentation and promotion of her work, presenting The View From Here at the Joyce Soho in New York City. In 2007 she began developing Out of Light, and created Playhouse for the Guandong Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou, China during an Asialink residency.


Pilates as a somatic experience

This class will be a combination of the Pilates Method alongside a Body-Mind Centering® approach to transformative experience, in the develop of a class for dancers that supports their technique while improving their awareness and knowledge. In studying the basic movements of Pilates, we will play with the principles of flow, breathing, coordination and precision to explore various ways of being aware of how we do what we do. Focusing on our skeleton and organ system we will learn to move from our core supporting the spinal muscles. In so doing we will question our habitual postural patterns and learning structures, enhancing our ability of moving and dancing with effortless grace. (Open to all skill levels)

NADIA CUSIMANO is a Body Mind Centering Somatic Movement Educator and a certified Classical Peak Pilates® instructor teaching for various dance companies, individuals and Pilates studios in Berlin, London and Adelaide. She has a diploma in Sports Education (Milan), a BA in Performing Arts (E.D.D.C. - Arnhem) and was a full time member of Sasha Waltz & Guests dance-company from 1996 to 2002 in Berlin. In 2003 she was co-editor with Dr. Karl Stocker on Insideout, a book about social cultural studies that investigated the transient lifestyle of dancers as part of the Graz European Cultural Capital program and since 2004 has been a guest lecturer at the department of Exhibition and Museum Studies, Fh-Joanneum in Graz. She founded the company Le due Moine with Paola Bartoletti in 2008, touring the text based work Messa Insieme throughout Italy and continues with a new production in 2011. She has collaborated on projects with the choreographers Xavier Le Roy, Eszter Salamon, Tino Seghal, Ami Garmon, Constanza Macras, Luc Dunberry, Paul Gazzola, Karen Nelson, Nigel Charnock, Lone Twin Theatre and Deborah Hay SPCP Solo Performance Commissioned Project.



During the Winter Intensive Training, Sandra Parker and Nadia Cusimano will be holding workshops. For more information Click here.