3 solos em um tempo (3 solos in one time)

Friday 17th December 7.30pm

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Denise Stutz

Denise Stutz is one of the influential personalities of contemporary dance in Brazil. She is co-founder of Grupo Corpo, Lia Rodrigues' associate and an excellent teacher for dancers and actors. She choreographs her own works and performs as a dancer and actress.

3 Solos em um tempo

Denis Stutz creates a concentrated space with a combination of humility and her own personal intensity. In this reflection on three of her earlier works, DeCor (2003) [By Heart], Absolutamente Só (2005) [Absolutely Alone] and Estudo para Impressões (2007) [Study of Impressions], she investigates whether memory is imprinted in her body and how her identity is influenced by movement, dance and the setting in scene of these three solos. She plays with space and time by melding these three works into one.

Text, Direction, Dance: Denise Stutz

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Presented by Dancehouse and the Panorama Dance Festival (Brazil)