Odissi Dance Performance & A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Odissi Dance Performance
By Monica Singh

The human body and its basic emotions and the need to express them - even while using the body as an instrument - is what binds it into one homogenous, ever evolving and timeless language. Odissi dance is an ancient Indian classical dance, which has withstood the test of time while developing into a highly stylized form.

Odissi Dance is an Indian classical dance style, which traces its origin to the pre-Buddhist times of 2nd Century BC India. It has its roots in yoga and is deeply spiritual, grounded in the temple traditions. Today it is one of the most evolved dance styles, completely modern yet ancient and esoteric in its evolution.

In this performance, Monica presents some ancient and recreated dance pieces of the Odissi dance tradition using both abstract or nritta part of dance to fill out the space and the musical over tones to give it visual structure.

"Her brilliant footwork and body movement made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening." Hindustan Times City

"Melodies lifted Monica onto toes" Telegraph

"Not just an instrumental delight!" The Hindu

Odissi dance was performed as a daily ritual by the Maharis (temple dancers) before the images of gods. The tradition reached its pinnacle between the 12th and the 16th century AD. The Odissi technique has been developed around two principal positions of the body. The first is the spare or chowk in which the presiding male deity of the universe is represented, the second is tribhanga (a thrice deflected position, or one in which you see three bends), and this position represents consort - the female energy personified.

Monica also teaches Odissi dance at Dancehouse. For details, visit

A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Arjun Raina, Playwright and Performer

Set in an international call centre in Gurgaon India, it's a story about the new global phenomenon of 'Outsourcing' and its consequences.

It is the night in a modern suburb of New Dehli, India. A young Indian man, Ashok, works at a call centre, phoning people in the U.S. who have overdrawn their credit card accounts. On the job he calls himself John and speaks American accented English.

That night in late summer of 2001, he talks to Elizabeth, whose daughter uses her mother's credit card. Since September 11, the woman has not heard from her New York based daughter, who after a violent quarrel had broken contact with her parents. Ashkok and the credit card thus becomes Elizabeth's only link to her daughter.

Beyond the rules of business, a subtle phone relationship develops between the fake "john" and desperate Elizabeth. In his own life, Ashkok is shocked by the sudden suicide of a colleague; his two distinct identities - American and Indian - are beginning to blur. And yet he must not let his feelings show over the phone.

"A multitasking one man theatre making genius" Salzburg Nachrichtem

Odissi Dance Performance
Sylvia Staehil Theatre @ 7.00pm

A Terrible Beauty Is Born
Sylvia Staehil Theatre @ 9.00pm

Both Shows Ticket Price: $35.00
Single Show ONLY Ticket Price: $22.00

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Please note, people attending A Terrible Beauty is Born ONLY should arrive at the theatre, no later then 8.40pm.

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