Electric: Part One

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There is always the possibility of others entering, there is always the possibility of being alone. Perhaps these two ideas are always spinning around each other, or inside the other, concentric circles. I am here alone, everyone is inside me. I am with everyone, I am outside of me.

Dancing is a possibility to learn about out our relationship with the unknown.

What happens when an idea is performed, activated, made public?
How does the performer find themselves when confronted by others?

How do you allow an audience into your world as a performer?
How do you make work that is truly engaging, challenging and satisfying for an audience to participate in and experience?
Where does the need to perform come from?
What does it offer and open up for the human who is performing?

Electric is a project initiated by Chay-Ya Clancy with support from the City of Yarra and Dancehouse, it includes ongoing weekly practise and discourse between five locally based melbourne performers. There will be two events. This is the first one.

Electric invites performers, and viewers to explore the notion of being alive, engaged, in circuit. Finding ways of seeing life anew, in this moment now, us, here, together.

Artists: Luke George, Nicola Eddington, Chay-Ya Clancy, Kim Sargent-Wishart & Dani Cresp
Lighting: Mischa Long
Sun 22 May, 4.30pm (sharp)
Where: Upstairs Studio, Dancehouse
Price: $15.00 Full, $12.00 Concession, $10.00 Dancehouse Member

Please note this performance will be starting at 4.30pm sharp, latecomers will be admitted after each showing.

Call to book 03 9347 2860 or Click here

Duration approx 2 hours (with interval and deliciously refreshing real food)

Sorry this performance has no wheelchair accessibility.

This project is supported by the City of Yarra Council and Dancehouse

Writings from Electric


Luke George
Luke George is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, teacher and curator. His work has taken him through Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. He is best known for his performing work with Phillip Adams BalletLab, Jo Lloyd and Chunky Move. For Luke's own choreographies, highlights include Home, LIFESIZE and NOWNOWNOW (Dance Massive 2011). Luke was artistic director of Tasmanian youth Dance Company Stompin 2002-2008. He currently co-facilitates First Run with Brooke Stamp.

Right now in his work, Luke is exploring energy, time and consciousness with a particular interest in presence, and inhabiting strange spaces that are simultaneously explicit and mysterious: intensely visceral and highly cognitive. For Electric is the Future, Luke is joined by performers Rennie McDougall and Jason Hood for an experiment that uses performance improvisation, the attention of the audience, and methods of telepathy to explore the seen and unseen transmittance happening between bodies.

Chay-Ya Joy Clancy
I dance to touch into the sensing and perceptive space of being a trillion cells in contact and exchange with the infinite cellular dance of air.
I am my own inhabitant.
I want to live on the frontier of the wonderous.

Assume that it has already begun and you don't need to enter.
Assume that the performer is aware of their audience.
As a performer, assume the audience is aware of you without demanding attention or building rapport.
What would you do if their attention was inherent?
How will you play with the space between your attention and theirs?

I am a Dance Company

Kim Sargent-Wishart
Kim Sargent-Wishart is making performances again, after not. It's about time. Well, the piece isn't about time, it's about space and form. She is engaged in research which is a dynamic meeting of Body-Mind Centering and Tibetan Buddhism, asking questions (how? what? who?) and telling stories of body mind and space.

Casting Form

Dani Cresp
Dani Cresp is an improvisation artist, facilitator of shared practices and organiser of workshops and performance happenings. Her passion for improvisation practice and performance has taken her across Australia, to Europe and to America. She has set up regular practices for herself and others and performs at various improvisation events across Melbourne and in Hobart, Canberra and Brisbane.

Right now in her work, Dani is working with the notion of the "emerging long form solo". That is she just starts an impro and allows it to form over a 20-30minute period, noticing what has been. Its like walking backwards crafting and reframing what has already happened

Nicola Eddington
Nicola is an experiential movement artist devoted to the expression of her authentic essential self in whichever form that takes.
Her passion for dance and improvisation has taken her to diverse places within Australia and around the world and around and within the landscapes of her own body and soul; constantly discovering and learning, and sharing her experiences through performances and workshop facilitation.

For 'Electric' Nicola is interested in exploring the realms of the etheric womb her body inhabits in space and shares with other bodies; a fluid and transitional space where rivers of 'you' and 'i' confluence, light and shade expand and condense, life and death are not opposite yet are internal to one another, both a spiralic matrix for within which the other intensifies. This piece is informed by the butterfly and that which it represents; breathing and hearing the most ancient self to life, a harbinger of sanctity, peace and eternity.

Photo credit: Chay-Ya Clancy