Done to Perfection


"We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us" Marshall McLuhan

In this strange metropolis, is the Professor's clever machine really his servant? Can he achieve the perfection he desires? Witness the march of progress, twisted office romances, surprising outbursts of karaoke and human guinea pigs as they take flight.

It's Frankenstein meets Sex in the City.

In this new Weave production, Sally Smith, Independent Theatre maker and Janice Florence, Weave Artistic Director co-directs these diverse performers. They began with ideas emerging from characters, improvised dances and poetic images created by Weave performers in the past. As the initial creative development progressed they sensed an emerging theme of the corporate and the organic, the regimented and the released, the technological mind and the human body and heart.

This piece began with a creative development in 2011 where ideas, movement sequences and images appeared, sometimes transformed and were shaped and developed. Some wonderful ideas were also disregarded due to an over-abundance of material. Performers were given movement, acting and writing tasks. The rich material that resulted was formed and shaped by the Directors, who of course, have their own-shared vision, which informs the process. At the same time the process has been open to change throughout. Sometimes the response of a performer is the seed of a new idea or departure.

Sally Smith says, "What attracts me to work with Weave is its diverse range of skills, its wry/absurd sense of humour/perspective on life. I like their ability and desire to play around and twist theatrical forms in unusual ways, their ability to change from smooth, intuitive ensemble dance improvisation to quirky comic scenes with ease and aplomb.

"I enjoy their readiness to explore emerging themes with initiative, suggestions coming from within the group, combining ideas in original ways, supporting each other's strengths, drawing out individuals' talents

Weave Movement Theatre is a dance based performance company, begun in 1997. Weave comprises performers with and without disability, combining dance, physical theatre, spoken word, pedestrian movement and a wry, often absurdist take on the human condition. Weave's work subverts audiences' expectations and challenges conventional ways of seeing dance performance and disability.

Recent performance highlights have included collaborations with well-known Melbourne performers and directors. In 2007, they performed Capsule at Dancehouse, with Janice Florence as Director and Michelle Heaven as choreographic adviser. In 2009, they presented Triplicity, short works by choreographers including Michelle Heaven of Chunky Move and Gerard Van Dyck of Kage. In 2010 they made a short dance film, "A Broken Puzzle" with Dianne Reid and devised a multi media performance, under her direction, as part of the Melbourne Fringe.

Weave members have a wealth of talent in dance, drama, music, writing and improvisation.

For more information of Weave Movement Theatre, visit the website

Reviews for Weave Movement Theatre:

"If dancing bodies tend to reinforce norms of beauty and facility, Janice Florence's choreography opens up a wider palette of human capacity.....Much bigger and more resilient than us all" Phillipa Rothfield, Real Time-a Review of Capsule, 2007.

"The show's strength lies in the performers' ability to make the banal magical"
Hilary Crampton, The Age. Review of Capsule, 2007

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Co-directed Sally Smith & Janice Florence
Composers/Sound Design Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Circus Artist/Trainer Kate Fryer
Stage Designer Adrienne Chisholm
Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
Sound Operation Christopher Wenn
Production Manager Stephanie Robinson

Where: Dancehouse, 150 Princes St, Carlton
When: 12 - 14 April at 8.00pm and 15 April at 3.00pm
Tickets: Adults, $15.00, Concessions & Dancehouse Members $10.00
Bookings: 9347 2860 (Dancehouse) or Click here


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

This organisation is supported through operational funding by the Moreland City Council's Community Grant Program.

Supported by the Transport Accident Commission.