Dancehouse is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The history of Dancehouse is first and foremost about people, the independent dance community that has built and contributed to its longevity.

We have invited 20 choreographers who worked and presented their work at Dancehouse during the past 20 years to remount up to 10 min. of a previous piece. This 'exercise' is a study on the ephemerality of dance, on the body memory and how passage of time affects and afflicts it, on the potential of dance to re-inhabit changing bodies and generate new meaning with old content. Further more, it is a broader reflection on what the contemporary body means and how it makes sense in our actual society.


Born in a Taxi, Deanne Butterworth, Alice Cummins, Nat Cursio, Russell Dumas, State of Flux, Luke Hockley, Christos Linou, Jo Lloyd, Shaun McLeod, Tracie Mitchell, Sandra Parker, Michaela Pegum, Dianne Reid, Phoebe Robinson, Paul Romano, Hellen Sky, Sally Smith, Peter Trotman, Tony Yap.

Teaser by: Canela Maldonado

Read the article in THE AGE (June 16 2012)

When: Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 June
Time: 6.00 - 10.00pm. (Program 1: 6.00pm; Program 2: 7.30pm; Program 3: 9.00pm)
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Prices: Full: $15.00 per program / $40.00 full evening.
Concession & DH Members: $10.00 per program / $25.00 full evening.
Tickets: 03 9347 2860


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Alive! 20 Years - 20 Choreographers will be presented as a mini-festival. Each evening will consist of three programmed segments of dance, punctuated by by champagne fuelled interludes for gathering, discussing, musing and celebrating. Audiences are welcome to attend one, two or all three segments of the programming in any given night.


Program One, 6pm
Nat Cursio, Dianne Reid, Deanne Butterworth, Tony Yap, Alice Cummins, Tracie Mitchell.

Program Two, 7.30pm
Sandra Parker, Phoebe Robinson, Russell Dumas, Hellen Sky, Shaun McLeod, Peter Trotman, Christos Linou

Program Three 9pm
Jo Lloyd, Michaela Pegum, Paul Romano, State of Flux, Luke Hockley, Sally Smith, Born In a Taxi


In the Clearing

Nat Cursio 2004

A predominantly poetic, partly narrative rendering of the loss of innocence: a young woman bears witness to her own demise.

Choreographer Natalie Cursio / Performer Fiona Bryant / Costume Shio Otani / Sound Pete Brundle


Dance Path           

Dianne Reid 2005

A solo performance set against an edited video archive which gathers footage from 22 independent artists from Dancehouse's rich history.

Artists featured in this video include Greg Dyson, Lou Duckett, Kim Vincs, Yumi Umiumare, Helen Herbertson, Ros Warby, David Corbet, Anne O'Keeffe, Elizabeth Keen, Viona Lowenthal, Rochelle Carmichael, Angie Potsch, and Nicky Marr.



Deanne Butterworth 2010                                                                       

Two simultaneous worlds meet, the sonic and the physical, in order to challenge the way we observe and perceive people.

Choreographer-performer Deanne Butterworth / Sound Michael Munson


Remember 'Mangone'           

Tony Yap 1992

Originally a duet with Sylvia Staehli, Remember 'Mangone' recalls this 'duet' in Sylvia's absense… 20 years on the music has changed and Tony has changed…

Choreographer-Performer Tony Yap


Where Our Edges Meet           

Alice Cummins 2009

a research of the relationship between music and dance

place across the water
where sky, sea and land meet
something is being worked out
weathered by sky and ocean
marking bodies and time

Choreographer-director-performer, Alice Cummins / Sound Anita Hustas (live)


Sure (film)

Tracie Mitchell 1997

A group of women in search of their future step into the darkness looking for a way through.

Choreographer-director Tracie Mitchell
Performers Nat Cursio, Jade Duffy, Shona Erskine, Emma Hamilton, Nicole Howard, Nicole Johnston, Jo Lloyd, Carlee Mellow, Katrina Phillips, Nicki Ventor
Original Music Georgina Veevers / Cinematography Mark Pugh.



Sandra Parker 2011

Document incorporates the results of an in-depth exploration of how choreography functions as a record of bodily memory.

Choreographer-Director Sandra Parker / Performer Rebecca Jensen


Only Leone           

Phoebe Robinson 2008

With it's title an anagram for 'lonely one', Only Leone explores the individual character; the lone figure through instinctive movement, responding to notions of isolation and the dynamic individual.

Choreographer-Director-Performer Phoebe Robinson / Sound Felicity Mangan and Sheldon King


dance for the time being                       

Russell Dumas (ongoing)

dance for the time being is the presentation and continuous development of a new dance work through engagement in a regular sustained performance practice.

Choreographer-Director Russell Dumas / Performer TBC


as it is…….. 92……94..95….02…05....07….012…

Hellen Sky

How do we remember, where we are?

Creators Hellen Sky and friends 


Cowboy Songs                                   

Shaun McLeod 1997

An ironic and playful response to country and western songs in which masculinity is presented in rigid and cliched ways.

Choreographer-Director-Performer Shaun McLeod / Performer David Tyndall

Original Music Gary McKie / Costumes-Set Shio Otani


The Skirts of Phrygos

Peter Trotman  1995           

Oh, people of Phrygos, lift up your skirts and dance... Thus we enter the starry night-time of human consciousness, a world where myth still lives and reigns….

Choreographer-Director-Performer Peter Trotman


Fiddle De Die + Terror of the Old

Christos Linou 1995/1998

Fiddle de Die explores the maelstrom of drug addiction and the HIV virus. Terror Of The Old examines the body through an ironic embodiment in the study of theological scriptures and abstracted rituals.

Choreographer-Director-Performer Christos Linou / Singer James Dibble


Melbourne Spawned a Monster

Jo Lloyd 2008

An intimate look at the monster that lurks within, seen by the public, from a far, in a private place.

Choreographer-Director-Performer Jo Lloyd / Music Duane Morrison


Lexicon for a Storm           

Michaela Pegum 2011

Embodying shifts in presence from the familiar and intimate to the mysterious and extraordinary, Lexicon for a storm seeks to blur the perceptual divide between a performance ending and ordinary life resuming.

Choreographer-Director-Performer Michaela Pegum / Sound Soncha Iacono & Michaela Pegum


remembering fragments of the past in the now…

(excerpts from Rapid + history of a particular it)

Paul Romano 2002/2010

An improvisation working with, well, remembering fragments of the past in the now.

Choreographer-Director- Performer / Paul Romano



State of Flux 1993

"Oh golly, I'm lost at sea"… Plunge revisits the first score that brought Martin, Wendy and Janice together, almost 20 years ago, as State of Flux, the Contact Improvisation community.

Choreographers-Performers Janice Florence, Wendy Smith, Martin Hughes


The girl and the car (originally from The Dance Card)

Luke Hockley 2003

Since performing this solo in 2003 Luke has deepened his own investigation into voice, body and text. In The girl and the car he will focus on enriching the original solo with the things he has uncovered in his studio practice.

Choreographer-Performer Luke Hockley


The Hard March

Sally Smith 1998

The Hard March provokes questions about identity, about the power of the individual versus group, about loneliness, isolation, dumb-sheep/mob mentality versus individual thought.

Director Sally Smith / Choreography Sally Smith + Donna Gabriel / Performers Sally Smith + special guests


The End

Born in a Taxi 1997

Demonstrating the beginnings of Born in a Taxi's exploration into "character-dance" The End became a major work in their repertoire…

Choreographer-Director Penny Baron / Performers Penny Baron, Carolyn Hanna, David Wells, Nick Papas, Lynne Santos