241 years


For a six week period between October 17 and November 29 2012, the combined ages of 4 of Australia's most skilled and enigmatic improvisors will be 241.

To celebrate, they come together to make a series of unique evenings of performance, each one steeped in mortality, humour, and reckless maturity.

Kevin Jeynes

Kevin is interested in the ways that language can be explored in improvisation, extending beyond conversational speaking into poetic and literary forms...where language, narrative, image and mood intertwine, as in a game of snakes and ladders, and where carefully constructed pathways are enhanced and thwarted by sudden slides into the unknown. Kevin Jeynes has performed improvisation work since 1996. Kevin has trained with, and been influenced by Andrew Morrish, Tony Osborne and Al Wunder. In recent years, he has performed at venues across Australia. 

Andrew Morrish

Andrew is a freelance performer, researcher, facilitator and teacher of improvisation working between  Australia and Europe. He began improvising with Al Wunder's "Theatre of the Ordinary" in Melbourne Australia in I982. In 1987 he formed "Trotman and Morrish" with Peter Trotman, another founding member of "Theatre of the Ordinary".They performed their unique improvisational duets extensively in   Australia  and the US until 1999, when Andrew moved to Sydney and began to develop his solo performing. Since  2000 he has undertaken the development of his solo performing and also teaching extensively in Australia and Europe.

Tony Osborne

Over the last twenty five years Tony has performed as an actor, dancer, musician and has been improvising cross-genre since 1988.  In Sydney he is known for his performance solos and collaborations with some of the city's most exciting musicians.  He is a pioneer of full-length improvised theatre and the linguistic intersections between words, the moving body and pitched sound.  He has been teaching improvisation practice throughout Australia for ten years with a focus on text and the moving body.  He has travelled to Europe and the United States to teach train and perform many times over the last twenty years.  Artists and adventurers with diverse interests attend his weekly Sydney workshops to be challenged and excited by his particular approach to the improvising body.  He is also known for his solo vocal/electronic sound work and as vocalist with the Splinter Orchestra.

John Rohrig

John has an ongoing art practice of painting, wood carving and ceramic sculpture. He has created and worked in theatre since 1980, including appearances in the Sydney festival ("Three Clowns" 1983) and in MiMundo Teatro (Spain) and Al Anim (childrens theatre, Spain) in 1986. Al Anim moved towards education in human values, with a special concern on social issues (i.e., drug addiction, marginality in society, racism, cultural identity, ecology, and self-awareness). These productions have been presented all  around the world. From 2002-2005 he made solo performances with the Brisbane group Angry Mime at the Power House. He began his solo performance improvisation with Kevin Jeynes in 2007 and is a founding member of the regular improvisation performance event "Froth".

Dates: 21 - 22 November
Time: 8.00pm
Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Prices: Full $25.00 / Con $20.00 / DH Members $15.00 / Deakin & VCA students $10.00
Book Tickets: Click here to book or 03 9347 2860