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In 2009 and 2011, Dance Massive saw bold works, sell-out seasons and a coming together of artists and dance-lovers from around Australia. The Dance Massive consortium: Arts House, Dancehouse and Malthouse Theatre in association with Ausdance Victoria are pleased to announce their commitment to programming dance works, events and activity for Melbourne's Dance Massive 2013.

At the vanguard of contemporary dance, Dancehouse is profoundly committed to presenting rigorous, cutting-edge and challenging research and performance, thus playing a significant role in the development of innovative dance, new audiences and ongoing artistic enquiry.

For Dance Massive 2013, the Dancehouse peer panel has selected a mix of new and existing works, a dance-on-screen program and an off-site participatory project.

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Ashley Dyer
Life Support
12 - 14 March

Life Support is a live performance concerned with mortality and what persists and disappears. This gentle and confronting performance contrasts the presence of a dancing body with the subtly frightening and wonder filled potential of the motion of gases.


Sandra Parker
The Recording
13 - 16 March

The Recording  subverts what we perceive is happening on stage in order to open up interpretation, to build a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability and to create space to notice what goes on between scenes that is usually hidden from the audience.  The work exposes our assumptions and prejudices – the risk of blind acceptance, our desire for perfection but our human failings, and our own vulnerability in the face of media manipulation.


Matthew Day
17 - 19 March

"Intermission unfolds as if from the dark night of a dancer's soul ... a dark pleasure, its grim beauty born of its curious suggestiveness and a relentless wave structure." RealTime
Third and last installment of the TRILOGY series, Intermission is an intensely physical dance work that explores durational choreographic forms and the body as a site of perpetual becoming and infinite potential.


Russell Dumas
dance for the time being - Southern
19 - 21 March

* New shows added - 18 & 19 March, 5pm - click here.

dance for the time being – Southern Exposure refuses language and explores audience empathy through the relationship between the quotidian and the performative. The duets explore
the relationship between 'doing' and 'being'. The circularity of how 'being' precedes 'doing' and
how 'doing' inscribes 'being'. It is a reflection on how our actions are informed by our
being and how the everyday performative is repressed to give us the quotidian.


Atlanta Eke
Monster Body
22 - 24 March

"Monster Body is a pitch-perfect work that examines the inturning grotesquerie of the female self as it deals with the image of the feminine." Theatre Notes
Through this raw and exposed work, Atlante Eke subverts the traditional images of the female body and identity. Enchanting, challenging and disturbing, Monster Bodies stimulates the audiece to rethink boudaries and conventions


Tracie Mitchell
Dance Screen Retrospective 1985-2010
23 - 24 March

Dance Screen Retrospective 1985-2008 is a 65 minute program of short dance screen works by celebrated Australian choreographer and director Tracie Mitchell. Each work is a unique exploration into how live dance, the camera and the space can be intertwined in order to create screen choreographies.


Ben Speth
24 March

A living exhibition of a 50 solos ripped from the internet and interpreted by a diverse group of young Victorians. WeTubeLIVE is a performed response to the internet phenomenon YouTube, a reflection of the cult of the individual and of the acune need to build genuine communities.


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The Dance Massive collaborating partners, Arts House, Malthouse Theatre, Dancehouse and Ausdance Victoria would like to thank our supporters the City of Melbourne, the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria.

Dancehouse would like to warmly thank the Keir Foundation for the generous support to this 2013 edition.

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DANCE MASSIVE is an initiative of Arts House, Malthouse and Dancehouse in conjunction with Ausdance Victoria and with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria.