Name Given. Body Lies

Name Given. Body Lies is a fierce and united dance of generosity.A dance as an imaginative force of production, where imagination can happen collectively, where we can work together to create different kinds of futures.  

This performance is a continual accumulation of knowledge that manifests as an emancipation or conscious navigation in relation to the production of meaning that to a large degree is constructed by contemporary society.

Name Given. Body Lies is an imaginative world where categorical understandings, coding, stereotyping, limiting definitions and homogenizing conformity is blurred, dissolved, and exhausted for a transgression into an unknown future, a future we do not yet have a name for.

Where: Sylvia Staehli Theatre, Dancehouse
Date: Friday 7 December
Time: 6.30pm

Please note this performance contains nudity and scenes which may offend some viewers.