Long Sky-Blue Woollen Coat worn with a Large Roll-Neck Jumper, Peach Leather Trousers and Red Nubuck Pointed High-heel Shoes

SUCH N SUCH - She stepped too far

Image credit: Sophie Ballmer

Delgado Fuchs
is a duo that knows how to exercise with style.

Delgado Fuchs are Marco Delgado and Nadine Fuchs, two highly sleek performers who walk the borderline between the hyper-sexual and the freely mocking.

Cavorting on stage in tiny shorts, underpants, swimsuits or nothing at all, Delgado Fuchs presents a spicy reflection of the appeal of the entrancing body, giving freedom to eroticism and humour in equal measure.

Thriving on their love for ambiguity, Delgado Fuchs promises to give an audience an hour of power, pants or no pants. The duo gives a cheeky wink to the slightly indecent, while still giving their audience a show focused on the dancer's prowess and skill with the legs, hips and everything in between.

'The urge to smile and laugh during a contemporary dance show is a delight that is all too rare in this day and age. 'Long sky-blue woollen coat…' is the intelligent exception that confirms the rule.' Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde, Paris

Image credit: Hone Photography

Since founding Such N Such in 2011, Debra and Catherine have taken audiences on unexpected journeys by stripping away a lot of what performative improvisation is about. Through movement, speech and interaction, She Stepped too Far will explore the personal, the public, the overexposed, the impulsive, the mundane, the explosive, the political, the body and the uncomfortable. Working with what is presented in the initial moment of direct communication, this dynamic collaboration between both performers and audience reminds the viewer that the encounter - however it unfolds - is an active situation where both sides are agents.

'Debra Batton and Catherine Magill collaborate in an improvised duet of worldly wisdom, gossip, rage, negotiation and frustration.' Lucy Graham, Stage Whispers




11 April - 8pm
12 April - 8pm
13 April - 5pm
Run time: 90 minutes (inculding interval)
Where: Dancehouse, Sylvia Staehli Theatre - this event is wheelchair accessible
Cost: $10 - $25
Bookings: click here

Presented with the generous support of the Swiss Consulate and Corodis