Concept/Choreography: Chloe Chignell
Dancers: Chad Mclachlan, Matthew Hyde, Ellen Davies, Leah Landau, Rebecca Jensen
Supporters: Lucy Geurin Inc. (residency) and Kings ARI.

SOFT REALITY is a performance landscape of vague images and porous bodies. It looks toward multiplicity and simulation as modes of producing relationships – proposing futures for collectivity, intimacy and togetherness. Construction and habitation are two actions that lead the performance - building environments, identities and things as a network of weak gestures, connections and formations. Allowing slippage between the concrete and the malleable in order to produce alternate realities composed of fluid bodies and porous spaces; weaving fiction and reality into a landscape of ever-increasing potential and affect. In Soft Reality, time does not pass. Instead, it rushes ahead, leaving us only with a network, spaces to move across and points of relation.

This session will be facilitated by Alison Croggon.

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Venue: Dancehouse
Date/Time: FRIDAY JUNE 3, 7.00pm
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes (with a facilitated post-showing discussion)
Bookings: FREE (bookings essential) BOOK NOW


CHLOE CHIGNELL is an artist working with dance and choreography in an expanded field. For Chloe, dance is an experimental frame for creating hybrid collective spaces. Dance is a practice of collectivity, thinking together with other people and entangling subjectivities. Her choreographic work revolves around the idea of transforming bodies. Interested in multiplicity and plurality, her work pursues the body as a continually expanding and shifting terrain.

Chloe recently developed Deep Shine as a new commission for the 2016 Keir Choreographic Awards. In 2015 she received the DanceWEB scholarship at Impulz Tanz, Vienna supported by an Ian Potter Travel Grant and Art Start. Chloe's most recent work, Soft Reality, presented by KINGS ARI, developed through a Residency at Lucy Guerin Inc.

As a dancer Chloe has worked for Atlanta Eke, Marten Spangberg, Aphids, Leah Landau and James Batchelor.  She has also performed in works by Becky Hilton, Shian Law, Rebecca Jensen, Adriano Wilfred Jensen, Renae Shadler and Amelia McQueen. She has performed around Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania (MONA) and Canberra, as well as internationally in France (Performing Arts Forum) and Vienna (Impulz Tanz Festival).

Chloe co-curates Dance Speaks a performance-lecture program aimed at generating more diverse dialogue surrounding dance practice. Chloe was a part of the Next Wave Writers Workshop, facilitated by Real time and the Dance Massive writers workshop curated by Hannah Matthews (2015); Indigo Dance Magazine has also published her writing. Throughout 2014 and 2015 Chloe was Choreographic intern at Dancehouse and online content creator for the Dancehouse Diary supported by the Professional Pathways Scholarship.

The first-stage development of SOFT REALITY has been supported by Kings ARI and a residency at Lucy Geurin Inc.