METADATA is an immersive performance work comprising two connected pieces created by leading dance, video, sound and animation artists from Melbourne and Sydney. Probing the latest developments in physics and cosmology a team of leading interdisciplinary artists from Sydney and Melbourne explore a universe of shifting patterns, inviting you to delve into an intimate yet epic world where the intangible becomes substantial and real.

PURE LIGHT – dancer Tess de Quincey; music Pimmon; video Martin Fox (approx 20 mins)

As a homage to the fluorescent light installations of American minimalist artist Dan Flavin (1933-96), a space is sculpted by light that reverberates with colour and explores impermanence. The human figure is revealed within lines that repeat and transform into a series of icons to then seep into shimmering surfaces and architectural planes. Fields of visual and sound particles form and reform, constantly reframing and stretching the body into ambiguous shapes. Subtle tones combine with ironic twists to mock tradition and capture pure feeling.

MOTHS & MATHEMATICS – dancers Peter Fraser & Tess de Quincey; music Warren Burt; visual animation Boris Morris Bagattini (approx 40 mins)

In an unfolding of the space between two beings, mathematical relationships are explored. The bodies are shaped by an environment of visual animation that reveals microscopic realms and catapults into a monumental universe of immense scale. The musical composition exposes a layering of mathematical structures that echo musical traditions from Bach to Conlon Nancarrow and Ryoji Ikeda whilst exploring new forms through sound, body and light. Rigorous and simple, yet complex and multifaceted, this is a world of correlations and disturbances, where tempestuous weather and empathetic calms shape vital rhythms and harmonics.


Choreography: Tess de Quincey & Peter Fraser
Sound: Pimmon & Warren Burt
Video: Martin Fox
Animation: Boris Morris Bagattini
Lighting: Sian James-Holland & Liam O'Keefe
Costumes: Claire Westwood

Venue: Dancehouse
Date/Time:  9-10 SEPTEMBER, 7.00pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $25 F / $20 C / $15 DH Member 



TESS DE QUINCEY is a choreographer and dancer who has worked extensively in Europe, Japan, India and Australia as a performer, teacher and director. She was a dancer with Min Tanakaand his Mai-Juku Performance Co in Japan 1985-91. The BODYWEATHERphilosophy and methodology that she introduced into Australia in 1989 was founded by Min and his company and is the major influence in her artistic process. Her major solo works, most notably Movement on the Edge 1988-89, Another Dust 1989-92, is and is.2 1994-95 toured extensively in Europe and Australia as did Nerve 9 2001-05 that was chosen to represent Australia in the Biennale de Danse in Paris 2002. Her latest solo Moondance was presented in Sydney, Melbourne and Wagga Wagga in 2015 and awarded best dance at Sydney Fringe Festival. Renowned for site-specific work that started in the ancient dry lakebed of Mungo, far western New South Wales 1991-95, she also directed the TRIPLE ALICE LABORATORIES 1999-2001 that brought together interdisciplinary practices of artists and scientists in relation to the Central Desert of Australia, as well as the EMBRACE EXCHANGE between Indian and Australian artists 2003-2008. In 2000 she formed DE QUINCEY CO, whichpresents interdisciplinary dance-performance productions and interactive environments in shifting scales from city environments to desert riverbeds as well as works for black box theatres. Tess has engendered an extensive teaching and performance practice that has had a far-reaching influence on numerous practitioners within the performing arts field in both Australia and abroad.

PETER FRASER performs dance, physical theatre, installations and site-specific work. He has collaborated with Tess de Quincey since 1989 and works extensively with BodyWeather as an investigative strategy for performance. His performances with De Quincey Co ensemble, since its inception, include site-specific work in the salt-pans and dry river beds of Lake Mungo 1992 and Alice Springs 1999, 2005, at Cook and Phillip Park, Sydney 2011 and on water at Bundanon 2014; and 'black box' dances such as Square of Infinity 2000, FIVE Short Solos 2005, Triptych 2008 and Run 2009. His self and co-devised works include: Tarkovsky's Horse, solo, Dancehouse, Performance Space, Campbelltown Arts Centre 2008; Zeno's Overcoat created with Dale Gorfinkel for 'Time, Transcendence and Performance Conference', Monash, Caulfield 2009; Lizard – a box of gaps a solo for shop-window, Darebin, 2013; Together – a dark comedy, La Mama 2010 devised with co-performer Tom Davies and dir. Barry Laing, and Compress/Decompress, solo in eXchange 2015, Taipei Arts Festival 2015.Peter co-directs and performs with the site-specific ecological performance group 'Environmental Performance Authority' whose works include Distal Fragments (2014) and Explosive Measures (2015) both at Truganina Coastal Reserve, Hobsons Bay. He performs with 'Sounds like movement', a duo with musician/instrument-builder Dale Gorfinkel exploring movement/sound and materials; Prophets style-free band; The Magic Hour, a Kathakali project directed by Arjun Raina; and an Authentic Movement improvisation research group directed by Shaun McLeod.

With the support of Arts NSW, FORM Dance Inc, Department of Theatre & Performance Studies at The University of Sydney and De Quincey Co.
Image Credits: Sam James