360 degrees out of stillness is the opportunity to observe ourselves from every angle, even inside out. The dancers will perform to a circular audience where their eyes will be equidistant to the centre of the stage. This project explores the feeling of knowing who we are, drawing on the concept of the ultimate state of peace found in stillness. According to some spiritual traditions, the souls go on a journey from happy perfection to drained degeneration. Eager to experiment happiness, they get lost in the confusion of the physical world. Eventually, they find their true peaceful identity again. However, they don't stay still forever. It won't be long before they are curious, again...

Venue: Dancehouse (Upstairs Studio)
Date/Time: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 7.00pm
Duration: Approximately 20 minutes (with a facilitated post-showing discussion)
Bookings: FREE (bookings essential)

Choreography: Elena Osalde Trueba
Dancers: Nicola Beatrix, Sarah McQueen, Meah Velik-Lord, Nakarin Aaron Jaikla


ELENA OSALDE has studied across mainstream performance as well as creative dance and mindfulness, she enjoys approaching movement inspired by deep meaning. After exploring different genres and learning with teachers from diverse backgrounds across Mexico and Australia, Elena is developing her contemporary dance through experimental eyes.
Cyclical Change (2013) was her first choreographic work where she proposed a reflection on the changing nature of life's fortune. In 2015, she attempted to portray the psychological stages of migration with her second work with Flare Dance Company, Settle In (2015). Elena seizes every opportunity to challenge the pathways across space.
She is currently excited about translating life journeys to shapes formed out of a traditional stage. 360 degrees out of stillness (2016) is an indoors sketch of something she sees happening in an amphitheatre. Elena hopes the Room to Move opportunity at Dancehouse equips her with valuable feedback for the next iteration of this project.

PHILIPA ROTHFIELD is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy program, La Trobe University. She is a dance reviewer for RealTime arts magazine and Momm magazine, Korea. She is co-convenor of the Choreography and Corporeality working group, International Federation of Theatre Research. She has been dancing on and off for some decades. As a philosopher, she writes on French philosophy, political philosophy, feminism and postmodernism, specialising in philosophy of the body. She is currently writing a book on dance and philosophy. She has published on dance in relation to Merleau-Ponty, Whitehead, Nietzsche, Klossowski and Ravaisson. She is Dancehouse's Creative Advisor.

Elena is thankful to the people who have encouraged her to keep moving forward in her dance journey, particularly Andy Howitt, Karen and Paul Malek, Claudia Mangiamele and her friends at FDC.


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