Housemate IV Tim Darbyshire - Showing.

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More or Less Concrete

Tim Darbyshire will be showing the outcomes of his Housemate residency here at Dancehouse.
Please come along and observe, participate and ponder, the installed, the interactive and the performative findings of Tim's choreographic and sound collaborations.

Tim Darbyshire

Housemate IV Tim Darbyshire in collaboration with Sound Artist Myles Mumford

"During the Housemate Residency I have been creating choreographic material from a sound and movement development process named More or Less Concrete. I have conducted a series of experiments drawing from movement research with
common materials, found objects and various other surfaces. I have also been reading philosophical texts in conjunction with the physical tasks carried out.

Myles Mumford has assisted in this research by providing knowledge and tools for elaborating on the sound concepts explored. We have tested several methods of movement and sound creation - utilising microphones, field recordings, processing software and sound design elements. Through this research I aim at discovering unknown elements (emotional, conceptual,
aesthetic) through a duality of visual and sound association.

Tim Darbyshire

The focus of the showing will be to share several components of the research and process by showing live choreographic material and vídeo documentation, engaging in a sensory playground (a room with sound equipment to play with)
and a discussion and feedback session in the kitchen. It is hoped that this combination of events will allow audience to share, engage and contribute to process in a number or different ways. "

Hope you can make it!
Tim Darbyshire


Date: Nov 13 & 14

Time: 7pm on the 13th and 8pm on the 14th

Cost: No charge

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