Black Ocean

Australia: a land of opportunity where newfound freedoms abound. Black Ocean uncovers what it means for an immigrant to risk everything in the hope of a brighter future, and the strength and courage required for such a journey.

Black Ocean is Undercurrent Dance Company's new contemporary dance work happening at Dancehouse. Four shows only 19-21 Feb.

Choreography and direction by renowned Korean dance artist Mee Young Helena Yuk, performed by seven talented established and emerging dancers. From Japan, Korea and Australia, the dancers bring with them an eclectic background of contemporary, ballet, circus and street dance. A beautiful, original score from two of Melbourne's brightest composers carries this 50-minute performance.

'Black Ocean is a show not to be missed.'

About Undercurrent Dance Company
Undercurrent Dance Company is a multicultural contemporary dance group established in 1998 in Melbourne under its former name, Neo Intro Dance Group. Undercurrent is known for its unique style of work influenced by the two cultural backgrounds of Korea and Australia.

Undercurrent's dual focus is to discover and develop new dance styles based on the expressive and spiritual Asian traditional dance style and the free, physical Australian contemporary style, and to facilitate understanding and appreciation of and between two vastly different nations. Undercurrent's dance projects represent an ongoing process of intense physical training with a focus on breath, technique, control and personal expression.

Undercurrent is constantly striving to amalgamate dance forms. The detailed analysis of traditional Korean dance movements though observation and training has led to the development and application of new styles and techniques to Australian contemporary dancers. Through this process, Undercurrent has introduced a new cultural dance style to Melbourne that facilitates a unique understanding of contemporary and traditional dance and culture.

Black Ocean Invite

About the choreographer
Mee Young Helena Yuk has for many years been striving to blend two very different dance cultures through her choreography and performance work. From her original training in contemporary dance in Korea through to her completion of a PhD in Dance at Deakin University, Helena has developed a style that builds on her formidable technical base to incorporate aspects of her early experience in traditional Korean dance and her more recent dance and choreographic experiences in Australia. Over the past 25 years of her professional career, Helena has lectured, taught and performed dance in Korea, the United States and Australia and has won numerous awards and scholarships for her contribution to the arts.


Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St. Carlton North 3054
Date:    Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of February at 8pm
             Sunday 21 at 2pm and 6pm
Cost: Full $20, Members/ Conc $15, International Students $12

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