24 HRS

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ABC Arts Online have edited a small clip based on Shelley Lasica's 24Hrs click here to view.


John Bailey :  Review-ish: 24 Hours At Dancehouse

24 hours

Choreographer, performer and now curator, Jo Lloyd, is bringing together an exciting team to present: 24 HRS


Four choreographers each have only 24-hours to conceive, create and present a new dance work.

Each choreographer and collaborative team begins creating at 9pm, with the creative process blogged, twittered and streamed online before they must be ready to present the work to a live audience by 8pm the next night.

Rarely does Melbourne see a dance event quite like this. The clock is ticking!

You can receive regular updates on all the latest news on 24 HRS on  Facebook , Twitter and  Live Streaming 

The Live streaming site also archives past process/interview broadcasts so you can go back and see how it all began.

To see a regularly updated collection of photos from the 24HRS sessions click Photos for 24HRS 1 and 2 for Photos for 24Hrs 3 click here for photos on Luke Georges performance click here.

Screen grab from the Live Stream with Chat.  Talk with the artists as they create.

Curator - Jo Lloyd


  • Natalie Cursio - Begins creating 9pm April 29, Presents 8pm April 30

  • Shelley Lasica - Begins creating 9pm May 6, Presents 8pm May 7

  • Phillip Adams - Begins creating 9pm May 13, Presents 8pm May 14

  • Luke George - Begins creating 9pm May 20, Presents 8pm May 21

Click here to watch the working process of Natalie and her collaborators for the first show  

Over the last 15 years Natalie Cursio has been a prolific choreographer, performer, curator, producer, educator and mentor. Her work has been presented both across Asia and nationally. Natalie was awarded an Asialink Residency in 2006 and has been nominated for both Victorian Green Room and Australian Dance Awards. She now operates under the title of Nat Cursio Co. creating her own work and producing curated projects, showcasing other Australian choreographers. She is currently developing a new work, Recovery, with Shannon Bott and Simon Ellis.

NATALIE CURSIO's collaborating artists -
Performers - Gerard Van Dyck, Michelle Heaven, Trevor Patrick
Visual Artist - Ash Keating

READ: Jo Lloyd interviews Natalie Cursio about her preparations and thoughts on her 24 hours.

Shelley and colleagues will be livestreaming at 12.00 pm (noon) and 5.00 pm on May 7th

Shelley Lasica has been creating and performing dance for 25 years. She has shown work in London, Paris, Vienna, New York and throughout Australia. Her work is often performed in non-theatre spaces and seeks to engage dance with other visual and temporal art forms. In 2009 Lasica's presentation of Vianne as part of Dance Massive was nominated for a Green Room Award. She also presented Full Colour (a new work at Chunky Move) and DUELLE, a collaborative performance with Deanne Butterworth and photographers at the Centre for Contemporary Photography.

SHELLEY LASICA's collaborating artists -
Performers - Derrick Amanatidis, Kyle Kremerskothen, Lee Serle
Composer - Milo Kossowski
Visual Artist - Belinda Hellier

READ: Jo Lloyds Interview with Shelley Lasica about her preparations for 24Hrs

Phillip Adams, also a veteran of 25 years, is regarded as one of the most inventive choreographers working in Australia today, his work informed by the cross-pollination of ideas, design and technology. Phillip has been commissioned by companies such as The Australian Ballet, Chunky Move, Guongdong Modern Dance Company, Dance Works Rotterdam and City Contemporary Dance Company (HK). BalletLab, which he established in Melbourne in 1999, has toured extensively nationally and internationally. Phillip recently received the Betty Pounder Green Room Award for Choreography for Balletlab's Axeman Lullaby.

PHILLIP ADAMS's collaborating artists -
Brooke Stamp - performer
Luke George - performer
Jo White - performer
Matthew Gingold - movie maker

READ: Jo Lloyd's interview with Phillip Adams about his 24HRS

Luke George and collaborators online live: Thursday May 20 at 10pm, Friday 21st at 1.00 am and 5.30 pm

In addition to his own work, in particular with Stompin, Luke George has collaborated on works by Arena Theatre Company and Back to Back Theatre Company over the last 10 years. Significant achievements include - Artistic Directorship of Stompin 2002-2008; Asialink Performing Arts Residency to Tokyo (2005); Arts House CultureLab Residency (2006); and Russell Page Fellowship for Contemporary Dance (2007

LUKE GEORGE's collaborating artists -
Nick Roux - sound artist
Brooke Stamp - performance artist
Mila Faranov - visual artist
Luke George - performance artist

READ: Jo Lloyd's interview with Luke George about the final 24HRS

Streaming Archives for all 24HRS


  • April 30 - Natalie Cursio
  • May 7 - Shelley Lasica
  • May 14 - Phillip Adams
  • May 21 - Luke George

Time: 8:00pm

Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes St. Carlton North 3054

$22 Full
$18 Concession
$15 Members