Mathematical Models of the Sublime

Mathematical Models of the Sublime

Walpole & Sister

Trapped within the circumference of every circle is a small instance of infinity...

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Mathematical Models of the Sublime is a new performance work by sisters Grace Walpole and Helen Walpole that wanders through the wonder of infinity: the magic of the number pi, the majesty of the universe, our logarithmic perceptions of our bodies. With a piece of string and some diagrams, Walpole & Sister reveal the beauty in the everyday, uncovering the astonishing in the ordinary.

Mathematical Models of the Sublime is a solo performance by Grace Walpole, with sound composition by David Corbet, sound design by Ben Grant and lighting by Jen Hector. This production follows on from Walpole & Sister's successful 2009 season of Short Dissertations on Sleep, and continues their style of lyrical performance-essay exploring the edges of art, science and philosophy using dance and narrative.

Grace Walpole and Helen Walpole have a shared passion for the arts and the sciences. In 2008 they formed Walpole & Sister, a multidisciplinary company of two that acts as a vehicle for their various investigations at the cusp of science and philosophy, generating questions and leaving a sense of wonder, if not a straight answer.

This is Grace Walpole's fourth full-length solo dance work. Grace's practice as a choreographer and performer embrace her love of finding the art in the science. Her recent works have been inspired by historical science: the philosophy of collecting; the ethics of cartography; the mapping of anatomy; the knowledge patterns of surgery. Grace completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Animateuring (Dance) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2004. She is also a medical doctor and draws on her undergraduate degrees in art history and neuroscience in researching her dance works. Grace is one of Australia's leading practitioners of improvised dance, a founding member of The Little Con, and regularly performs in Melbourne.

Grace Walpole

Photo of Grace Walpole by Heidi Romano

"Melbourne's magical medical doctor of dance has created an intriguing piece of theatre ... Walpole leads us through a brilliantly factual but crisply metaphoric process, drawing wonderfully clever parallels between brain waves and architecture, between giraffes and dance ... She keeps it in a minimal contemporary vein ... Grace and her sister Helen are clearly architects; builders of theatre using science to forge intellectually idiosyncratic art. It's challenging, even daring stuff."

                                                                                              Review of Short Dissertations on Sleep
                                                                                              Dance Informa Magazine, September 2009

Concept and development: Grace Walpole and Helen Walpole
Animateuring and performance: Grace Walpole
Writing and design: Helen Walpole
Lighting: Jen Hector
Composition: David Corbet
Sound Design: Ben Grant

Date: Wednesday July 14 to Saturday July 17 at 8pm;
          Saturday July 17 and Sunday July 18 at 5pm
Where: Dancehouse 150 Princes Street North Carlton
Tickets: $22 Full, $18 Conc, $15 Dancehouse Members
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