In line with current safety advice from the Victorian Government, Dancehouse has limited operations and access during COVID-19


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We have crafted Dancehouse, both in person and online, to be a place for exceptional art and for relentless exploration; a place where artists and audiences intersect, connect and grow; a site and website where thought is nurtured, borders are pushed and new territory is challenged. 

We are a unique organisation with an over 25 year long history, inspired and driven by the artists, fiercely committed to the belief that art in general and dance in particular are an irreplaceable force in contemporary society and one of the few remaining ways to inspire creative living and thinking.

Remember that Dancehouse is your house. You have a special place here and we welcome you to return as often as you wish and allow us to shape this house into a home for you. If you have any suggestions about our membership program and resources, let us know via the form below.

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