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Action Theater™ Australia — Danielle Cresp

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Action Theater™

Physical Theatre Improvisation Training for Performing Artists.

Action Theater is a body-based physical theatre improvisation training and an artistic practise all rolled into one. The key aims of Action Theater are to expand the artists physical, vocal and verbal performance skills whilst honing the awareness of the plethora of material waiting to be noticed, experienced and played with.

Teaching-Artist, Danielle Cresp, is a Melbourne based Action Theater Practitioner, Award Winning Director and Mentor. She became a Licensed Action Theater teacher under the watchful eyes of Ruth Zaporah, the creator of Action Theater, in the heat of the New Mexican desert in 2011. In 2012 Danielle became the Creative Director at Action Theater Australia and since then has taught over 90 SOLD OUT workshops, receiving a multitude of FIVE STAR reviews for her teaching, coaching/mentoring and directing across Australia, UK and America! Danielle’s focus as a teaching-artist, director and improviser is on physically embodied presence. Her motto is: “The more you notice, the more you have to play with!”

11 — 15 January 2021
5 — 9 April 2021
21 — 25 June 2021






Attendance from $450—$750




All participants are required to have a minimum level of fitness; they must be able to stand still, run and sustain movement for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time. It is assumed all artists applying to join the training have a current regular physical practice as their ongoing relationship with their art form.

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COVIDSafe Policy: All attendance must be confirmed with the teacher directly prior to attending Dancehouse.

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