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The Artist’s Cut

The Artist’s Cut – Artist Led Initiatives

Do you want to organise your own curated event? Is there a series of classes you have always wanted to teach? Do you have an idea for a forum, laboratory, performance evening, event or short festival?

This Dancehouse program is for you!

The Artist’s Cut supports artists, across disciplines, to make things happen. It gives access to fully, or heavily subsidised space, and limited production, marketing and administrative support, to assist artists in organising income-generating opportunities for themselves and exciting new events, platforms, classes etc. for others.

EOIs for 2020 are currently closed and will reopen for 2021 post-pandemic.

How It Works

Through an open EOI process, artists will be able to pitch an event to Dancehouse (a workshop, dance class, laboratory, performance evening, screening, festival, symposium etc) to take place at Dancehouse. The moving and thinking body must be at the core of your activity. The offering must be new; must aim to generate income for the organising artist; must be cost neutral for Dancehouse; must have a finite time period; must be outward looking and invite others to participate in.

Once selected, artists will work with Dancehouse staff to develop a budget, or business case/model for the project (if applicable). The artist will then be required to attend production meetings in the lead up to the event. The artist agrees to also market the event throughout their own networks, adhering to Dancehouse’s Style Guide.

What We Offer

  • In-kind access to space and equipment, production support, marketing etc. (The activity will become part of Dancehouse’s programs)
  • Curatorial and production mentorship (where necessary)
  • Access to Dancehouse’s networks and existing audiences
  • Where applicable, on a case by case basis, a financial contribution to the event’s production needs.

Who or What it is For

This opportunity is open to all artists and thinkers across all disciplines who would like to propose a program; however, the proposed activity must have a clear connection to choreographic, dance or embodied practice. Moreover, this program is for artists who are interested in finding new financially viable ways of working and/or sharing their practice; who want to develop curatorial and/or event management skills. It is only for those who want to make things happen for themselves and others.

For example: you could be a visual artist who wants to curate a series of beginner’s classes specializing in dance events for galleries; you could be a musician who wants to present an improvised performance evening featuring duets between dancers and musicians; you could be a dancer who wants to develop a teaching practice and offer a short dance course; you could be a cultural theorist/arts worker who wants to present a series of conversations.

What This is Not For

The program is not for:

  • Presenting performance seasons
  • Supporting established teachers with established class structures.
  • Developing new work through residencies
  • Academic Seminars

Selection Process

Projects will be given priority based on:

  • Feasibility and space availability at Dancehouse
  • Capacity to engage with and nurture a multitude of communities
  • Capacity of activity to generate its own income
  • Potential of the activity to be financial viable if it were to continue long term.
  • A limited number of projects will be supported each year.

Applicants are advised to contact Dancehouse’s Program Producer before applying.

You must be or become a Dancehouse member to be considered for this program.

2020 Recipients

Two for Now’s – A Week in January – Contact Improvisation Intensive
Kevin Jeynes and Cecil Street Studios – Now Pieces – Performance Improvisation Series
Sister Sessions and Marnie Newton’s – Sister Sessions Vol.6 My Style Showcase – All Female Street Dance Mentoring Program
Yumi Umiumare & Takashi Takiguchi’s – ButohOUT! – Festival of Butoh

2019 Recipients

Priya Srivinasan, Hari Sivanesan’s & Uthra Vijay’s – Sangam – Showcase of South Asian Performing Arts
Kevin Jeynes & Cecil Street Studios’ – Now Pieces – Performance Improvisation Series
Amelie Marandet’s – Dancefilm Now – workshop series
Two for Now’s – (Re)Assembling the Connections – New Contact Improvisation Teacher’s Intensive

2018 Recipients

Efren Pamilacan Jr & 9 Dimes Dance Company’s – Wavey – Urban Dance Evening and Workshops

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