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Dancehouse Invites

'Where We Stand' (2019), Isabella Whāwhai Waru. Photo by Irihipeti Waretini.

Dancehouse Invites

This program offers renewed exposure and presenting opportunities for already existing works. Dancehouse Invites also brings to Melbourne interstate artists as well as works by international visiting artists. In recent times, Dancehouse has presented an average of five different seasons as part of this program per annum. 

2020 Presentations

Penelope Sleeps – Mette Edvardsen & Matteo Fargion – the Keir Choreographic Award Public Program
Good Luck –  Takao Kawaguchi – AsiaTOPA and the Keir Choreographic Award Public Program
Pollen Revolution – Akira Kasai – AsiaTOPA
Matou – Ruri Mito – as part of AsiaTOPA

2019 Presentations

Where We StandIsabella Whawahi Waru
Solos – Cindy van Acker –
Trophy – Rudi van der Mewe –
Sun Trip – Perrine Valli & Sunfast –
Jinx 103 – Jozsef Tefeli & Gabor Varga –
Genetrix – Victoria Chiu, Rudi van der Mewe & Jozsef Trefeli –
Windigo – Lara Kramer – Yirramboi
Dark Night – Jill Orr – Dance Massive
A Faint Existence – Kristina Chan – Dance Massive
Concrete Impermanence – Alison Currie – Dance Massive
A Lecture on the Performance of Beauty – Deborah Hay

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