Dancehouse currently has limited access and operations. See our CovidSafe page for details.



Dancehousing gives under-profiled dance communities a consistent space to safely meet, experiment, perfect their craft and present new work.  It is a weekly hub for distinct communities to practice in parallel, it is a regular performance platform, it is a supportive frame for self-organisation.

With the possibility of expanding over time, in 2020, the program supports individuals, community leaders and groups of artists practising in Street Dance Cultures, Contact Improvisation, Performance Improvisation, and South Asian contemporary and traditional dance forms.

Dancehousing begins 18 January 2021. You can reserve your place from three days before each weekly gathering as per COVIDSAFETY guidelines.

How it works

Practising the Practice
Throughout 2020, every Monday evening all spaces at Dancehouse will be given over to a number of distinct communities or groups of artists to practice in parallel. Each group is allocated time and will determine how they want to use the space. Together the groups determine how they respectfully share the building.

Practising Performing
Anchored around the improvisational performance evening Now Pieces throughout the year, the last Sunday evening of every month will be dedicated to low-tech public performances curated and organised by the supported groups.

More information on the participating groups, communities, performance events and how you might get involved will be announced in the new year.

What will the space be used for?

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