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Alec Pernes for Freedance. Photo by Mathew Lynn.

Alec Pernes for Freedance. Photo by Mathew Lynn.


Freedance is a series of energetic dance classes held in the open air at Abbotsford Convent (2020-2021) and at Fed Square (2021), led and curated by local artists from Dancehouse. There are different class styles to choose from, including: a Contemporary Action Lab for professional contemporary dancers; a Street Dance series for all levels; a Family Freedance series for the whole family; and Queer Dance.

2021 | Fed Square

Street Dance, June—July | Litefeet (Arisa Herbert), House (Alec Pernes), Jamaican Dancehall (Cat Pwiti & Chuby Dice)

Queer Dance, May | Vogue (Kiki Targe), Waacking (Marnie Newton), Queer Expression and Drag Culture (Valerie Hex)

2020—2021 | Abbotsford Convent

Contemporary Action Lab
Curators: Melanie Lane and Kyall Shanks
Teachers: Jo Lloyd, Israel Aloni, Rebecca Jensen, Paea Leach, Shelley Lasica, Sarah Aiken

Street Dance
Curators: Trevor Santos Marnie Newton
Teachers: Briana Cohen, Kiki Devine, Martijn Sedgfield, Arisa K Herbert, Christian Francisco (Nonoy), Alec Pernes, Hëna Memishi

Family Freedance
Curators: Josh Lowe and Shamita Sivabalan
Teachers: Ida Ghatge, Rachel Mackie, Zoe & Aaron (Team Dream), Beth Lane, Ngioka Bunda Heath, Shamita Sivabalan



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