Dancehouse stands on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land, the Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin Nation, to their Elders past and present, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Next Stages

Next Stages – Capacity Building Workshops

Next Stages is a series of practical, capacity-building workshops for independent dance artists and emerging artists from other art forms, led by industry experts. Each session an industry professional is paired with a dance artist, to present insightful and hands on sessions that will sharpen your skills, arm you with practical tools, give you valuable insight into the arts industry and support you in building sustainable careers.

This popular program will return with new and old workshops post-pandemic.

2019 Workshops 

How to Manage Your First Season – Stephanie Lake and Dan Koop
Everything you need to know when you plan your fi rst show as an independent artist. Budgeting accurately and realistically, choosing the right time for the season, securing a venue, preparing the admin, technical, ticketing, media and marketing aspects of the season, and surviving it all!

Touring, Pitching, Networking – Angela Conquet and Freya Waterson
Touring, pitching and networking are the toughest parts in the life of an artists who dream big. Learn what it takes for a work to be ‘tour ready’, how to pitch your work in a variety of contexts (Australian and overseas), and some useful tips on how to stir the curiosity of presenters/programmers without crossing the lines that ruin opportunities.

Making Money in The MarketAshley Dyer and Kara Ward
Do you expect to get paid? What kind of artistic work can make money? After detailing the basics of establishing an arts business, in this workshop participants begin to map their market and locate their practice within a community of sentiment. Through examining examples of financially viable work, the seminar gives a few hints about how not only just survive but thrive in the market.

Marketing, Publicity and Online ContentAudrey Schmidt and Jonathan Homsey
Marketing, publicity, advertising and online content work together to give your event an identifi able personality and communicate the intentions of your work to existing and potential audiences. This workshop will guide you in identifying and diff erentiating between audiences (marketing), creating content that’s suited to diff erent audiences (advertising and online content), and how to organise press (publicity). Topics include establishing a creative brief for and distributing online content; Facebook advertising; writing media releases; pitching to press and writing copy for web.

Budgets for BeginnersSelene Bateman/Auspicious Arts and Caroline Meaden
Whether it is a provisional budget for a funding application, a show, or a tour, this workshop will have you covered with everything you need to know about budgets and more! Learn great template making and formatting tips, plus all questions to need to ask yourself when preparing a budget, including artist fees, production locations, insurances, contingencies and more.

Writing About Your PracticeLeisa Shelton and Ashley Dyer
Writing about your work is not the same thing as writing a grant application, or writing to market your work or having others write about your work. Focusing on Get the nuances right and learn to become your best advocate!

Previous Facilitators

Susannah Day, Andrew Fuhrmann, Veronica Bolzon, Josh Wright, Nat Cursio, James Welsby, Michaela Coventry, Prue Lang, Becky Hilton, Sam West, Jason Cross, Kristy Ayre, James Batchelor, Annette Vieusseux, Erin Milne, Sophie Travers, Natalie Abbott.

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