Due to the current lockdown, Dancehouse is closed from 5pm, 5 August.

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Winter Workshops

'Wavy' (2018), Efren Pamilacan Jr. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse.

Join Dancehouse for a series of winter weekend workshops to warm you up and build your artistic and professional practice. Brought to you by leading local dance artists and arts workers, these workshops are small, boutique opportunities offered to emerging and mid-career artists or those wanting to freshen their skills.

Weekend #1: Masterclasses | 26–27 June
Sees dance and choreographic masterclasses by two of Melbourne’s dance icons: Stephanie Lake and Shelley Lasica.

Weekend #2: Next Stages | 3–4 July
Thinking about your own dance project? These workshops take your ideas to the Next Stage with guides and templates on running your own dance project or company, budgeting and grant writing.

Weekend #3: Freestyle and Improvisation | 10–11 July
A whole weekend of workshops from Melbourne’s leading freestyle and improvisation artists across genres including: Breakdancing, Contact Improvisation, Locking and Freestyle, Waacking/Bollywack Choreography, Vogue Femme and more.
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