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Dancehouse Diary #12: What now?

20 new scores for confined times

'Choreography For Seeds & Soil' (2020). Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Rather than being thematic, the ‘COVID’ issue of Dancehouse Diary will be mobile, ongoing and in progress, emerging over a few months with a staggered article release, as a way of remaining attuned to the multi-layered shifting realities we currently face. This series of corporeal reflections will comprise several volumes under the overarching title What Now?, each with their particular structure and focus. Issue #12 will launch this Saturday Aug 1 with two commissions published each Saturday, with contributions from the following artists:

Volume #1: Interior Lives — Scores for Confined Times (A Collection)

Jacob Boehme
Joel Bray
Serena Chalker
Ryuichi Fujimura
Martin Hansen
Becky Hilton
Jamie Lewis
Gregory Lorenzutti
Anja Mujic
Wendy Morrow
Melinda Smith
Tim Snowdon
Bella Waru

Volume #2: New Topographies of the Body (A Series)

Devika Bilimoria
Chloe Chignell
Alice Heyward
Linda Luke
Amaara Raheem
Dianne Reid
Kim Sargent-Wishart
Gretel Taylor
Anna White

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