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What is in-between?

Keir Choreographic Award Public Program

A series of free conversations produced in partnership with University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts as a part of the Keir Choreographic Award Dancehouse Public Program.

#1 (In)visible Futures
Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Jen Rae, Dr Chris Ryan moderated by Angharad Wynne-Jones

#2 (In)visible Matter(s)
Hellen Sky, Catherine Clover, Rhiannon Newton moderated by Amaara Raheem

#3 (In)visible Forces: Curating Dance – What Power Dynamics?
Helly Minarti, Barb Bolt, David Sequeira moderated by Collette Brennan

#4 (In)visible Scores: Choreography as/for/of text, poetry & objects
Mette Edvarsten, Claudia La Rocco, Lucinda Strahn moderated by Sandra Parker

#5 (In)visible Times: What is Contemporary in Contemporary Dance?
Linda Sastradipradja, Nareeporn Vachananda, Martin Hansen moderated by Carol Brown

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