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Finalé: Waacking Inferno Volume 2

Burn City Waack

Waacking Inferno Volume 1 (2022), 3v3 Open Performance Winners. Photo by Nam Chops
1pm, Sat 9 December 2023
Battle Registrations close 1:45PM

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Event Duration: 1pm — 9pm

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Keep the fire burnin’! Multiple generations and lineages of waacking converge from across Australia, Europe, and Korea gather to celebrate a decade of this Queer-born form in Australia.

The temperature is rising with four types of battles. Hang out with the community as DJs spin, everyone can jam and mingle with waackers from multiple generations repping crews and communities from across the country.

1 v 1 Waacking
7-To-Smoke Open Style
4 v 4 Waacking Invitational
Open Performance Category

Waacking is more than dance; it’s a fervent declaration of unity and heritage. Burn City Waack celebrates this unity through the 4 v 4 Waacking Invitational connecting one mentor with three emerging performers across ACT, New South Wales and Victoria. Though decades have passed since its inception, the technique and cultural context of waacking are being preserved by this passionate community, keeping the disco flame alive across so-called Australia.

For any questions with battle entry DM Burn City Waack on Instagram at @BURNCITY.WAACK

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Burn City Waack is a community based in Melbourne dedicated to the art form Waacking. Waacking is a culture that began in the underground LGBT clubs of Los Angeles and later spread out into the world. Burn City Waacks aims to create safe space for all individuals who want to learn/share in the culture of the dance in a respectful environment connecting locals with international leaders in the form including Lunar New Year Disco at Melbourne Museum (2020) and Waacking Inferno Volume 1 (2022) at Dancehouse.

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