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IN-VOCATION たまおこし | Workshop

Yumi Umiumare, Kayo Tamura and Kyoko Amara

“Buried TeaBowl – OKUNI” (2021), Yumi Umiumare, Kayo Tamura and Kyoko Amara. Photo by Tetsuya Fuchigami.
19 March 2023

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This is unique 1 day workshop, explores movement, text and voice, through 呪術 Jujutsu: the Japanese notion of shamanism, translated as “Magic”.

Melbourne-based Butoh dancer/choreographer Yumi Umiumare is facilitating the workshop, with international guest artists from Japan, Kayo Tamura (a queen of comedy/shaman in theatre) and Kyoko Amara (clairvoyant/earth voice singer). This “magic triangle” will guide participants to open their “creative portal”, thus becoming a “medium” for their own expression.

The intention of the event is to open up new possibilities for interweaving art, space, human, nature and spirituality.

たまおこし (Tama Okoshi): Tama means soul, Okoshi means upheaval or awaken.

This workshop is open to those with and without dance or theatre experience.

IN-VOCATION たまおこし is presented as part of FRAME: A biennial of dance.

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Yumi Umiumare is an established Japanese Australian Butoh Dancer, choreographer and creator of Butoh Cabaret works. She has been creating her distinctive style of works for 30 years and her creations have been seen in numerous festivals around the globe. She is a recipient of the fellowship from Australian Council (2015–16) and a winner of the Green Room Geoffrey Milne Memorial Award (2017). Yumi is artistic director of ButohOUT! festival in Melbourne since 2017 and is a key figure in the international contemporary Butoh scene. Yumi ‘s recent works focus on Dance, Spirit and Tea. www.yumi.com.au

Kayo Tamura is an accomplished performance artist who fearlessly blazes her own trail with a strong background in theory, performance, writing, and directing. Kayo is a founder and artistic director of the GUMBO Theatre Group in Osaka since 1994. The company has performed in Edinburgh, Australia, Asia and North America and has won numerous awards. In 2022, they successfully completed a six-month tour of North America and won seven awards. Kayo is a Hong Kong Fringe Club Honorary Member (2015–), Asian Youth Theatre Festival Japan Team Advisor (2018–), Kamikoma Cats Artistic Director (2017–), Sakai International Community Arts Artistic Director (2019–).https://theatregroupgumbo.wixsite.com/japanese/english

Kyoko Amara loves the scent of the soul. She is a “channeller” or clairvoyant in Japan who has held sessions with over 9000 people. Over 20 years, she has been working as a singer with shamanistic drumming. Her main work is to spiritually convey the roots of people’s souls. She has also been engaged in art and shamanistic activities through Butoh performance, painting female genitals, holding workshops for feminine liberation and ceremonies. In 2017, Kyoko moved from Tokyo to the foot of Mt. Hayachine in northern Japan to organise events in a 100-year-old folk house, “Ihatov Mountain and Water Sunshade”.

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