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Toast or be Toasted Vol. 2

Jam On Toast

27 June 2021

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Toast or Be Toasted vol.2 (TOBT) aims to bring together the street dance community in a celebration of dance through showcasing artists abilities by a traditional battle format. TOBT v.2 has a 1v1 Hip Hop category and 2v2 open styles category with a chosen judge for each category. In addition, there is a showcase from some of Melbourne’s leading  Melbourne Hip Hop freestyle dancers.

Register for the battle on the day, first in best dressed!

Tickets available 1 June 2021.

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In 2017 Jam on Toast (JOT) was hot out the toaster, lathered in jam and served in Melbourne’s dance community by Oliver and David. It acts an open styles dance jam that occurs every Wednesday in Melbourne’s CBD – catering for all levels, styles, ages through the lens of empowerment and celebrating uniqueness.

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